The Death of White America

The numbers don’t lie…

In 1960 only 16.5% of the US population was minority. In 1980 20.4% of Americans were minorities, and by 2000 that number increased to 30.9. It is estimated that in within 2 years it will have reached 36.3%. With each passing decade, the country experiences a significant dilution of its racial identity. Each generation grows-up in a noticeably less white environment, and by 2042 whites are projected to be a minority in the US…

From low birthrates, to mass immigration, to the rise in LGBT, let’s take a look the contributing factors to gain a better understanding of why whites in America have headed down the path of racial extinction.




The US has a population of 328 million. According to the Census Bureau, non-hispanic whites make up only 62% of the population. 

Hispanics represent 17% of the population.
Blacks make up around 13% of the population.


Fertility Rates:

According to the institute for family studies, Americans are currently reproducing at levels well below (1.8 children per woman in 2017) the replacement rate (2.1 children per woman).

Whites – 1.89
Non-Hispanic whites – 1.70
Hispanics – 2.1
Blacks – 2.4


Median age in America: 

Whites – 43
Hispanics – 28
Blacks – 33


55% of Americans feel whites are being discriminated against. 


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