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Population Replacement in Toronto

Sometimes knowing the facts and figures, just isn’t enough…

Accompanied by a raw and heartfelt narration, this short video provides undeniable photographic and video evidence of the demographic transformation that is taking place in Toronto, Canada.  It is my intention for this video to serve as a warning to the men and women of all western nations of the great replacement that is underway…



•Canada currently accepts 300,000 legal immigrants, annually.

•By 2036, 50% of Canadians will be immigrants or born to immigrant parents. 

•America currently accepts 1.2 million immigrants, annually.

•By 2042, whites will be a minority in America.

•By 2065, America will become a Hispanic nation.

•Cities such as LA, NY, Toronto, Vancouver, London, Paris, etc., have all become white minority cities.

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One thought on “Population Replacement in Toronto

  1. This video is in limited state. No comments and likes allowed. Also what people do not know and only speaking about experience on the chinese diaspora is that they laugh and disparage whites and others in particular black people. When they gain enough mass they will start to discriminate without worry of reprimand. “The Chinese,Pye noted see such an absolute difference between themselves and others that even when living in lonely isolation in distant countries they find it appropriate to refer to those in whose homeland they are living as “foreigners”. Now I am of firm belief that only four races should be able to govern this country, the first two are different tribes ie Francos and Anglos who built this country and then the Blacks and Natives who helped in shaping it. Everyone else should be bared from the halls of power as they will always try to subvert from their corners of self or in group interests. I blame all this on Anglos of this country that sold their souls for cheap itoasters and the silly notion that politicians give a rats ass about the general welfare of a nation. “Politics is the art of of running the circus from the monkey cage”

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