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Rise of the Black Conservative?

What impact will Kanye West’s endorsement of Trump have on the current political environment? 

The Kanye effect has already given President Trump a massive boost with support among blacks, but will it be enough for Trump to “win the black vote”, like he declared just a week ago?  Well, Trump has lowered the black unemployment levels to record lows, and we are witnessing the rise of more and more black conservatives both in the mainstream media and on alternative media platforms.

At any rate, the Alt-Light and Civic Nationalists are absolutely eating all of this up right now, as the more blacks begin supporting right-wing parties, the more credible civic nationalism appears to their opponents both on the left and the right.

Watch this video to gain a better understanding of why the rise of black conservatism threatens the ideological principles of both the left, and the far right…


Video by: Ronny Cameron – ProperGander TV.

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