Trudeau’s ‘Refugee Hotel’ EXPOSED!

The Radisson Hotel in Toronto has been confirmed to be accommodating “refugees”.

Since the transferring of the “irregular migrants” to the Radisson hotel, reports have surfaced suggesting the newly arrived migrants being housed at the hotel have been damaging property, assaulting guests, and making life hell for hotel staff members.

Hotel Reviews: 

68AEED21-801F-466F-90EF-FC697A8C9B6A8A28AF41-41C9-4E92-8584-A1668D1FE382Source: Trip Advisor Canada

The Investigation

Soon after the discovery of the reviews posted on Trip Advisor, I, alongside Georges Massaad and Leigh Stuart, decided to take a trip to the Radisson Hotel to investigate for ourselves. We observed the state of the building, spoke to hotel guests and interviewed staff members to uncover the truth about the “irregular”guests at the hotel.

Staff members confirmed what we suspected… (see video below) 
Look what we discovered written on the wall…(They are laughing at us, Canada… the writing is literally on the wall!)

Watch the full investigation:

Media blames us for fire at Radisson Hotel… we respond! 

The Team:

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