Why White People Aren’t Having Kids

Birth rates across the west are on a dramatic decline, but why???

Is it materialism? …abortion? …divorce? …mental health? What is to blame? 

Whilst attempting to explain why white people seem unwilling or unable to procreate at levels that meet replacement requirements, this video explores the various causes for low birthrates among whites…


*Quick Facts:

According to the institute for family studies: 

•Americans are currently reproducing at levels well below (1.8 children per woman in 2017) the replacement rate (2.1 children per woman).

•Whites: 1.89
•Non-Hispanic Whites: 1.70
•Blacks: 2.4
•Hispanic: 2.1

•Approximately 650,000 abortions take place in America every year.

*The Average white American is 43. 

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