VIDEO: First Transgender Miss Universe?

26-year-old Angela Ponce from Spain beat out 22 biological women to win her country’s qualifying rounds and will go on to compete for the Miss Universe title later in the year.

The Miss Universe Organisation ended its ban on transgender contestants in 2012, and now for the first time in history, a transgender woman will be competing in the upcoming Miss Universe pageant later this year. Ya that’s right, a biological dude could very well end up becoming “Miss” Universe…

So how could this have happened? How did a biological man out class 22 biological women at a Miss Universe contest?

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3 thoughts on “VIDEO: First Transgender Miss Universe?

  1. “She’s” not even the best looking one. This was done strictly because the person is trans. Obama was elected because he’s black. Hillary because she’s a woman. We’re choosing people based on qualities that have nothing to do with their character or by what they earned.
    Society changes. Ours most of all and I can only hope we quickly reach the point where we move past this madness.

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