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VIDEO: Meet Canadian Nationalist Party Leader Travis Patron

Who is Travis Patron and  what is his vision for Canada?

Travis Patron and I discuss Canadian politics and the need for nationalism in Canada, from mass immigration, to border control, to foreign policy, to the incompetence of Justin Trudeau and Andrew Scheer.

Is Travis Patron and the Canadian Nationalist Party a viable alternative to Andrew Scheer and the Conservative Party of Canada? Does the CNP represent true Nationalist values? Watch this video and judge for yourself!

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2 thoughts on “VIDEO: Meet Canadian Nationalist Party Leader Travis Patron

  1. Ronny, all this party will achieve is to split off votes from the only viable option available to us, to rid this country of Trudeau and the Liberal party. A minority government still will mean a Liberal/NDP coalition (read your history, they’ve done it many times before) and keep Trudeau as PM.
    We need to reduce them to non-party status , period. You give that any thought?
    You just LOST ME BUD.


    So you’re a Neocon huh…I’m sure you think (((Capitalism))) is BASTE too, LOL.

    As to Ronny Cameron, do you still think that the JDL are “proud patriots”? The organization that has engaged in literal terrorism against white nationalists? I have been called a “race traitor” simply because I want to mix White Nationalism with Communism, yet you have called for mixing it with Zionism and that’s seen as being just fine. One standard for the (((Reactionary Right))) and a totally different one for the )))Communist Left(((.

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