The Truth About M-103

Is M-103 a form of ‘creeping sharia’ in Canada? Or is there more to it than what originally met our eyes?

On June 1 2018, The Canadian government released a response to the 10th report by the heritage committee on the controversial motion M-103. With many Canadians fearing the motion may be a sneaky form of Islamic blasphemy law due to the insertion of concerning  words such as “Islamophobia” into the motion, I decided to take a closer look at the government’s response to uncover the truth about motion M-103…

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5 thoughts on “The Truth About M-103

  1. The white people must stay put and work hard to pay our taxes to pay for all of this! Plus the interest on the borrowed money past present and future

  2. How can anyone be “islamophobic”? No one can be “guilty” of “fearing islam”? Fear of anything is NOT A CHOICE. If people fear islam, it’s islam’s fault, not the fault of citizens. I consider myself to be islamorepulsed but islamophobic? Not a chance! I’ll never stop telling the TRUTH about islam. It’s a good thing that the Liberal government will be history soon.

    1. I’m with you Valerie! Wild horses won’t stop me from spouting my utter disgust and anger of the invasion of our beautiful country by those Islamists who would do us harm and do us harm they are and they will continue to do.

  3. How can anyone be found guilty of FEARING something? “Islamophobia” is properly defined as FEAR OF ISLAM. I don’t fear islam; I’m repulsed by it and I’ll never stop telling the TRUTH about it.

  4. I agree that sharia law in any format must not be allowed in this country as it violates our supreme law OUR CONSTITUTION. That is not Islamophobia it is Canadian patriotism.

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