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ANTIFA vs Ronny Cameron!

Things get a messy when I confront ANTIFA to ask them a few questions during a free speech protest in Toronto…

Now I know ANTIFA is capable of causing damage and being violent for no justifiable reason, but l had no idea the kind of “horse-shit” I would end up getting into…


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3 thoughts on “ANTIFA vs Ronny Cameron!

  1. These Jews are unbelievable. Also they don’t believe in property rights for us White
    Goyim. Only for themselves. Antifa is a Jewish organization and the only White people
    that join them are Losers, drug addicts, Transvestites, Homo’s and really fucked up
    degenerate useful idiots.

  2. Call them out as Jewish Supremacists, because that is what they are. The Antifa are
    always projecting and accusing their enemies of what they are. Antifa are Jewish
    Supremacists and White Supremacy doesn’t even exist.

  3. The cops are not our friends. How much proof do the Alt Lite need to see that the cops
    are just another arm of the bourgeois establishment ? just like those Antifa freaks. The
    Blue Lives matter nonsense needs to end after what these cops did in Charlottesville,
    Michigan and Berkley. They always help the Antifa and give the Nationalists a hard time.
    We need pro White lawyers at these rallies to make sure the cops do their jobs.
    If they call you anti semetic, just say ” Da goyim know ” .

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