‘Tent City’ – A Canadian Ghetto

Take an inside look at Surrey BC’s poverty stricken and drug infested area known as ‘Tent City’, one of Canada’s lesser known ghettos…

It is horribly unfair for Canadian born citizens to be priced out of affordable housing while the government gives free handouts to everyone else and their brothers! Canadians living in extreme poverty are now literally forced to live in tent communities to survive, and this is direct result of yet another leftist government’s failure to put their own people first…


*Special thanks to Steven A. Myatt for his excellent video contribution!

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3 thoughts on “‘Tent City’ – A Canadian Ghetto

  1. handing millions of our TAX $$ to islamic groups, building roads in muslim countires, and huge payouts to countries who want to destroy our civilization and our feckless leaders let Canadians struggle to live.


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