The Least White City In The West

VIDEO: Is this the least white city in the west?

I believe my home town of Scarborough (Canada) — which has a population of roughly 700,000 — is the most multicultural/least white city in the western world, and I want to prove it!

A continual influx of mass immigration into Canada’s major cities has resulted in a complete reshaping of the both the cultural and ethnic make-up of the city, and within a couple of decades people of European descendants have all but vanished from the once predominately white city. My major concern is that soon the entire Western European population will be replaced by non-European populations, and Scarborough certainly serves as troubling foreshadowing for what’s in store for the entirety of the west…

So, I decided to take a trip to the busiest subway station in the city (Kennedy Station) to give people a first hand look at the city’s demographics and to help educate the masses as to the alarming impacts of mass immigration on major cities throughout the West…

WATCH this video and judge for yourself…

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