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Trump Looks Set To Strike Syria, But Should He?

US, France, Saudis and UK are all preparing air strikes…
Multiple warships are steaming towards Syria…
Russia threatening to retaliate…

Is this the beginning of WW3???

After another suspected chemical attack in Syria, President Trump promised the U.S. would respond “forcefully” but so far has not given specifics.

Is Trump really on the same side as the Democrats, the establishment left, the legacy media, the deep state, and the military-industrial complex when it comes to attacking Syria?

US Deploys Truman Carrier Strike Group And 7 Warships With Cruise Missiles To Mediterranean.

The US has deployed the USS Harry S. Truman aircraft carrier to the Middle East and Europe on Wednesday.
The aircraft carrier set sail with seven attack ships and carry’s 6,500 men.

“We’re making a decision as to what we do with respect to the horrible attack that was made near Damascus, and it will be met and it will be met forcefully,” Trump said as he met with top military leaders at the White House, adding that “we have a lot of options militarily.”

Trump Tweets: 

Donald Trump has wasted no time tweeting his thoughts to the world about the current conflict. In typical Trump-style, he criticized his enemies and made it quite clear he won’t be intimidated…

What Might Come of This? 

Vladimir Shamanov, a Senior Russian lawmaker, says that a U.S. strike on Syria may result in Russia and the United States directly targeting each other.

The retired general said Tuesday that a U.S. strike in Syria could hurt Russian servicemen and trigger Russian retaliation.
He claims that Russia has “the necessary means for that and the Americans and their allies know that quite well.”
Shamanov made it clear that Russia could target U.S. navy ships and aircraft.

Luke Coffey, director of the Allison Center for Foreign Policy at the conservative Heritage Foundation, said a “quick response that’s very punitive in nature” is the best route for the Trump administration to take after the latest purported chemical attack – opposed to working for a regime change.

Coffey also said the U.S. could target “Iranian enablers of Assad” but doubted that Russia would be a target.

Speaking to Fox News, Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., said “Assad and his inner circle should be considered war criminals and legitimate military targets. If you have the opportunity to take him out, you should. You should destroy his air force,”

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Why Are We So Fixated On Syria? Does This Make Sense?

Saudi Arabia routinely kills Yemeni civilians with zero international condemnation. Are we air striking Saudi Arabia? No, we’re partnering with them to bomb Syria. Does this make any sense to you?

Why would Assad use chemical weapons just shortly after Trump announced a withdrawal of US forces from Syria? Obviously he would prefer not to give the US more reason to stay in the country. Could this be a False flag?

Final Thoughts… 

Trump needs to take a deeper look at who stands to gain from all of this and who doesn’t. The whole situation doesn’t seem right to me and I have a feeling something really bad is about to happen if Trump goes ahead and decides to attack Syria.

I’m not saying this is the beginning of World War 3, but it sure does seem scary…

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5 thoughts on “Trump Looks Set To Strike Syria, But Should He?

  1. Ronald. You KNOW this is ALL initited by the CIA. The President probably has not even been told the truth. Remind you of anybody else in 1961-62 in the Oval Office. No surprise if Obama and the Clinton’s are somehow involved as well. Assad had NO reason nor motive to do this….THINK !

  2. Post my reply from 2 days ago,(awaiting moderation? ) And I just texted Don 10 minutes ago with my opinion that I am NOT at liberty to reveal here. But privately Ronny I can tell you Some of our conversation.

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