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Ford Set to Rid Ontario of Liberal Cult

When Kathleen Wynne won the Liberal leadership in 2013, she was seen by the Left as sincere and fresh. But after the sale of Hydro One, she quickly revealed herself to be the incompetent imbecile that the Right instinctively feared her to be.

Believe it or not, Kathleen Wynne was actually once popular back in the day. She was welcomed and  celebrated as Ontario’s first female premier, and she enjoyed a strong approval rating within her first year as premier.

But then hydro-bills rocketed to insanely high levels, and it didn’t take long for the people of Ontario to became furious with their provincial government. Kathleen Wynne and her Ontario liberals dropped to an all-time approval low of 12 per cent last year. Oh how quickly things can change eh?

Pushing Bill 148, which dramatically raises the minimum wage while imposing costly new regulations on Ontario’s employers, hasn’t exactly done anything to boost her numbers in the polls. She has remained under 20 per cent for as long as I can remember now.

And things are only getting worse for the unpopular Ontario premier. Currently, the number of veteran Liberal candidates on Kathleen Wynne’s team is shrinking and that will make her task of winning re-election even tougher than it already is. The number of Liberal Mpps who reported to be throwing in the towel for the June election is now 11 — nearly one-fifth of the caucus!

Now, after releasing a new budget plan consisting of free daycare, making other investments in health care and pharma-care, Wynne’s Liberals chances of winning have increased just slightly. But not by any considerable amount in my opinion.

Doug Ford, Wynn’s official opposition, is as confident as he’s ever been. And why shouldn’t he be? He’s positioned well in the polls and has made the Ontario Premier seem weak and desperate in comparison.

With his Donald Trump-like dominant persona, Ford has gotten to a nervous and vulnerable Wynne. She recently commented that the June 7 election will present “the clearest, starkest choice in this province’s history between care, or cuts”. But to be honest this couldn’t be anymore true. Because you see, the liberal cult which has ruled in Ontario for years now must be voted out by those who truly care about this province, if Ontario is to be saved.

Ford has vowed to lower taxes —including a reduction of the carbon tax in Ontario — create more full-time employment opportunities, and as well, he has tabled with the possibility of changing certain aspects to abortion practices that would require women under the age of 18 to have permission from their legal guardians in order to have the procedure.

Final Thoughts…

The stench of liberalism has loomed over Ontario for far too long now, and after years of inhaling toxic politics, Ontario voters are finally ready for change!

The way things are currently going, I would by shocked to see anything short of a conservative majority!

At any rate, June 6 can’t come soon enough, Ontario voters, get ready!


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