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Lock Her Up! Trump pushes for DOJ probe into Clinton Scandals.

It appears The Donald is returning some of his focus towards Hillary Clinton these days…

Following Saturday’s interview with Judge Jeaneane Pirro that included a suggestion from Trump that someone should look into Clinton’s fraudulent actions, the President took to Twitter Tuesday to push for an investigation into possible criminal activity committed by Hillary Clinton,

Citing a Fox News analyst who suggested the DOJ may have a “treasure trove” of evidence on Trump’s formal rival, Trump tweeted:

President Trump was quoting Fox News’ Judge Andrew Napolitano, who suggested on that someone at the department has evidence of criminality from Clinton and should be investigated.

Napolitano was reacting to an interview Trump gave to Fox’s “Justice with Judge Jeanine” on his suggestion that someone should look into Clinton’s fraudulent actions during the 2016 presidential campaign.

Watch The Full Interview:

*Trump has a very good relationship with Pirro and is a big fan of the show. 

My Thoughts

When Trump took office back in 2016 he somewhat backed away from his campaign promise to have Hillary Clinton “locked up”—irritating many within his base who feel that “crooked Hillary” should serve time for unethical and illegal actions. However, it seems he has returned to the old theme and is once again pressing for a proper investigation— and I am quite happy to see his recent tweet on the subject.

I believe many Americans will be excited to see this issue being reexamined and I think it will serve to bolster further support for Trump. Although many people in America despise Donald Trump, there are many more who downright detest Hillary Clinton, and they want to see her LOCKED-UP!


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