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Trump Is Right: We Need Armed Teachers!

President Donald Trump is pressing the idea of arming trained school teachers as a protective measure against school shootings, saying it “should be up to states.”

“Armed Educators (and trusted people who work within a school) love our students and will protect them,” Trump tweeted Saturday. “Very smart people. Must be firearms adept & have annual training. Should get yearly bonus. Shootings will not happen again – a big & very inexpensive deterrent. Up to States.”

Trump argues that highly trained, gun adept teachers and coaches could solve the problem of an active shooter and would dissuade potential threats.

“These people are cowards. They’re not going to walk into a school if 20% of the teachers have guns — it may be 10% or may be 40%. And what I’d recommend doing is the people that do carry, we give them a bonus. We give them a little bit of a bonus,” Trump said. “They’ll frankly feel more comfortable having the gun anyway. But you give them a little bit of a bonus.”

President Trump makes a very good point. Most shooters spend weeks or months planning their attack, so arming trained educators could very well act as a deterrent to anyone wanting to commit an attack on school that employs a trained staff member.

Think about it: what’s an easier target, a school with an armed teacher or a school without an armed teacher? The answer is pretty easy isn’t it?

Not only would armed staff members prevent shooting sprees from happening, they would also protect students and teachers in the event of an attack. I know I would love to have an armed staff member on location if I was under attack by a deranged and hostile student!

Trump has also highlighted the mental health problem as a critical component to gun violence.

“I said this yesterday when we had a mental institution where you take a sicko like this guy — he was a sick guy, so many signs — and you bring him to a mental health institution, those institutions are largely closed because communities didn’t want him,” Trump said.

Final Thoughts

The liberal media likes to pretend that Trumps ideas are moronic and illogical, but the American President has put forward a very interesting idea that makes sense to a lot of people and could end up saving many lives.

Will arming select school teachers with guns prevent every single school shooting from taking place? No. But will it stop some? Absolutely!!!

Trump is not suggesting that arming teachers is the only solution to the problem, but doing so will certainly deter many would-be attackers from targeting schools and can only serve as a form of protection. And protecting America is what Donald Trump is all about!

– Ronny Cameron 

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One thought on “Trump Is Right: We Need Armed Teachers!

  1. Stopping bad guys by using good guys with guns seems a very poor alternative to not giving the bad guys the freedom to get their guns in the first place. Most other first world nations have been able to work that out for themselves. It is quite easy to see where the US stands in terms of gun deaths compared with the other major nations.

    The collective wisdom of the US leadership about the stopping of mass shootings has one major problem in that, at least thus far, the advice has turned out to produce bad results. However surely the logical way of deciding is to see what has worked elsewhere. To take one simple example, when Australia had a mass shooting at a school they introduced gun control laws (including preventing the sale of automatic assault rifles). The next year there was a dramatic reduction in gun deaths in Australia and last time I checked they had had 20 years without gun deaths in schools. Some school in the US have tried arming the teachers. It didn’t work. Why return to something that hasn’t worked where it has been tried and has already failed in an American context?

    Remember the evidence (from messages left on computers etc )is that a good number of perpetrators in such mass killings have already decided that they intend to commit suicide by waiting for the inevitable hail of bullets and explain to me how arming the teachers would change that likely outcome. Many public places are patrolled by armed law-keepers but many of those public places still have high numbers of gun victims.

    Remember the teacher who shot herself by accident, another who shot himself in the foot, the teacher who accidently left their gun in a bathroom, the relatively few number of massacres stopped by armed amateurs, the difficulty of training to bring teachers to the point where they could stop the armed assailant without adding to the problem and the fact that the majority of surveyed teachers have already rejected the armed teachers option should all combine to give your President (and you) a clue. A simple survey of countries that have introduced gun control and have consequently eliminated mass shootings in schools should bring the non viability of arming the teachers to the point most reasonable folk might call it a no-brainer……

    Oh….unless of course the brain of the elected authority figure has already reached its limit!

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