Trip To India: A Total Embarrassment For Trudeau In Several Ways

Justin Trudeau’s little vacation to India was a total disaster, and the media is not rushing to his defence on this one!

IMG_0908Canadian PM, Justin Trudeau and his family arriving in India.

Justin Trudeau arrived in India along with his wife kids where they were greeted by a seemingly small and unenthusiastic crowd. The Trudeau’s were not welcomed very warmly, to say the least.

 IMG_0909.JPGThe Trudeau’s looking absolutely ridiculous in their ‘traditional Indian clothing”— which was quickly denounced by many as being inappropriate and even disrespectful.

Trudeau has been heavily scrutinized for not accomplishing much of any official work during his trip. However, he did manage to find plenty of time for photo-ops and dancing while in India…




The Canadian PM also lied to us about a $1 billion investment by Indian companies into Canada. In reality, it turns out to be Canadian companies investing $750 million in India, with just $250 million coming to Canada. Nice try Trudeau, but the Canadian people are on to you by now!

But that’s not all folks…

The Trudeau Liberals tried to deny that the Canadian government had connections to Khalistani extremists who want to break up India and create a separate Sikh state. However, it was revealed that the Trudeau government had actually invited convicted murderer Jaspal Atwal ,who os a former member of a Khalistani terrorist group, to a state dinner with the Trudeau himself.

Jasper Atwal has appeared in numerous photos with several members of the Trudeau government, including photos with Justin and Sophie Trudeau.

Blasted in the media! 

Virtually every major news outlet from Global News in Canada, to CNN, to the BBC have reported on Trudeau’s disastrous trip to India. Here are just a few example of some of the headlines:





Final Thoughts…

Justin Trudeau is a complete embarrassment and a total fool. His ridiculous behaviour and childish antics are inexcusable, but what’s most frustrating to me is the fact that he refuses to pay veterans their fair benefits, yet he has no problem investing $750,000,000 into India. It’s a slap in the face to all Canadians who have put their life on the line to maintain our freedom and to fight to protect our country.

Ask yourself this: Does Justin Trudeau present himself as a leader who puts Canadians first? Of course not. But for some reason many liberals out there just don’t seem to care much about having a leader that puts the Canadian people above all else— and that is something we have to continue to work on changing….

– Ronny Cameron 

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