Parents Fight To Stop Transgender Hormone Therapy

A couple in Ohio are fighting for custody of their daughter who says she is transgender.

The 17-year-old now identifies as a boy and is currently living with her grandparents and is under the custody of Family Services, according to CNN.

The teen says she started feeling suicidal because of her parents’ lack of support and for refusing to call her by her chosen name. She has been diagnosed with depression, anxiety, and gender dysphoria.

The grandparents feel “treatment” and hormone therapy would be best the course of action, but an attorney representing the parents argued that due to the girl’s mental state, “it does not appear that this child is even close to being able to make such a life-altering decision at this time”.

According to the lawyer, the parents do not believe a hormone therapy is in the child’s best interest, and are firmly against the treatment all together. They “have done their due diligence contacting medical professionals, collecting thousands of hours of research and relying on their observation of their own child … that led them to the conclusion that this is not in their child’s best interest,” the lawyer stated.


My Thoughts

I don’t believe being reassigned a new gender through hormone therapy is ever a good solution to a mental disorder. And a mental disorder is precisely what gender dysphoria is.

I sympathize greatly with parents like these who have to fight for the right to look after their child, and I could only imagine their frustration.

When the minor becomes an appropriate age, he/she will be able to make their own decisions, even if it is a potentially dangerous one. But considering society prohibits 17-year-olds from purchasing alcohol and cigarettes and from voting, how on earth are we then allowing minors the right to “choose” their gender? Does that make sense to you?

Regardless of who is caring for the child, the minor should be forced to wait until he is if the correct maturity to make such a life-impacting decision.

Ronny Cameron 


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