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Andrew Scheer: “2019 is about being free or unfree.”

The Conservative Party of Canada is amping up its campaign efforts by offering Canadians a choice; freedom or no freedom!

The choice, Andrew Scheer said during a Manning Networking Conference in a speech to conservatives in Ottawa, “won’t be between left and right.”

“It’s now a question about being free or unfree,” said Scheer, looking to finally define himself clearly by sending a strong and simple answer to rebrand his party.

“The choice is whether Canada will continue as a free and open country, or whether Canadians will live their lives afraid to say what they think, always looking over their shoulders before they dare to suggest that maybe, just maybe, the government is not the solution to every problem”, said a boastful Sheer.

Clearly Andrew Scheer is trying to generate more publicity for both himself and his campaign. However, his message is genuine and will hit home with a lot of Canadians—particularly those in universities who have to suffer through the agonizing “politically correct” SJW culture that permeates throughout our academic institutions.

What is Andrew Scheer referring to with his use of the phrase,“free or not free”?

Since Trudeau came into power back in 2015, Canada hasn’t necessarily been the home free. At least not in regard to free speech…

In Canada, we have in existence Bill C-16 and M-103; two potentially free speech infringing policies that Scheer himself has openly opposed and criticized, both of which contain deliberately confusing tex that is riddled with undefined terminology such the words ‘Zim’ and ‘Zer ‘ and ‘Islamiphobia’

Our Government’s persistence to influence a neo-Marxist social structure  is prevalent both in our academic institutions and out on the streets.

On The Streets 

Anti-Trudeau protestors across Canada have been attacked and called ‘Nazis’ just for attending peaceful rallies and protesta where they do nothing more than voice their opposition toward our liberal government.

Antifa, who is far-left group of masked thugs, routinely shows up to these events only to cause violence and attack what they call “white supremacist”, even if the “white supremacists” they attack aren’t even white!

Antifa and the social Marxists will most certainly label anyone a fascist who displays criticism of anything ranging from post-modern feminism to communism to Islam to BLM.  Heck, even being proud of your country is enough to get you called a racist these days! 

On Campuses 

Free speech is becoming a distant memory on university campuses thanks to advent of ‘safe spaces’ and social justice culture.

One famous example involving  Lindsey Shepherd, a Laurier teaching assistant who showed her class of first-year undergrads nothing more than just a short video clip of professor Jordan Peterson, was reprimanded by her supervisor and two other Laurier staff members for “potentially breaking the law” by showing the video clips. What a joke!

Final Thoughts

Andrews Scheer has finally wrapped his hands around a strong message, so now all that remains in the way of branding is to formulate an easy-to-digest campaign slogan that will serve to both galvanize his base and to bring in fresh supporters for the Conservative party of Canada.

In a live video I published on Facebook about a week ago, I stated that Andrew Scheer needs to create a direct line to his base in order to maintain and bolster overall support, and I’m glad to discover he is finally working toward narrowing in on that.

Canadian conservatives don’t have a unique and powerful message like “‘Make America Great Again”, but I’m hoping Andrew Scheer will have something juicy hidden up his sleeve as we move closer toward the 2019 elections.

-Ronny Cameron 


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