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Andrew Scheer Demands Trudeau Pay For Unethical Vacation!

“Accepting responsibility means accepting consequence. Justin Trudeau broke federal law when he accepted an illegal gift. Now he’s forcing taxpayers to foot the bill for his illegal behavior.”

In response to Trudeau’s lavish vacation on behalf of Canadian Taxpayers, Andrew Scheer moved a motion in the House of Commons Tuesday that reads:

“That, in the opinion of the House, when any Member violates the Conflict of Interest Act, including accepting gifts or hospitality furthering private interests, being in a conflict of interest and accepting travel, or violates the Conflict of Interest Code for Members of the House of Commons, and, in so doing, incurs a cost upon the taxpayer, that Member must repay those costs to the taxpayer.”
Scheer also added, “Canadians deserve better than a Prime Minister who believes there is one set of rules for Liberals, and another set of rules for everyone else.”

Scheer continued to press the issue, highlighting Trudeau’s embarrassing town hall remarks;

“On the weekend the Prime Minister did something unbelievable. On the weekend, the Prime Minister told a wounded Canadian veteran, a hero, a Canadian hero, that he was asking too much of this Liberal government. That veterans were asking more than the government could give. The Prime Minister sees no problem in sticking Canadian taxpayers with the bill for his illegal travel, and then has the audacity to look a wounded war hero in the face and say he’s asking for too much. Conservatives reject that and Conservatives demand that this Prime Minister apologize for that shameful remark.”

My Thoughts

Canadians are extremely upset at Trudeau’s reckless spending in general, and we want to see accountability, so i think it would be in Andrew Scheer’s best interest to continue down this line of aggression towards Justin Trudeau not only from a logical standpoint, but from a strategic one as well.

I do not think many Canadians would be willing to defend the Prime Minister on this one. The best strategy for liberals with respect to Trudeau’s unethical vacation is to simply ignore it – so it is up to the Right to keep pressing the issue and demand he repay the Canadian taxpayers!

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One thought on “Andrew Scheer Demands Trudeau Pay For Unethical Vacation!

  1. If we owe Revenue Canada $10, they will go after us to get the money back + interest + penalty. Why that rich spoiled idiot refused to pay back the money he woes to people + interest + penalty.

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