Trudeau Compares Returning ISIS Fighters To European Immigrants!

At a town hall in Edmonton, a man asked Justin Trudeau to explain his ISIS reintegration. Trudeau issued a typical nonsensical response…  

“How are you going to protect future Canadians like my young daughter 10, 15 or 20 years from now, when you’re letting in people with an ideology that just does not conform to what we’re doing here.”

Trudeau responded to this question by comparing the returning Isis Fighters to European immigrants who came to Canada in large numbers in the past — namely Portuguese Italians and Greeks. Trudeau insinuated that ISIS fighters do not differ from legal immigrants who came to Canada from Western European countries, adding  that all travellers to Canada deserve a fair chance and equal opportunity…

My Response

Really Trudeau? Are you serious??? Do you not see the obvious differences between Muslim immigrants, Europeans and ISIS???
European immigrants have contributed greatly to this country,band they make our nation a better place to live, unlike Islamic terrorist who are the exact opposite of that!  Mr. Trudeau, you owe Canadians an apology for your imprudent and deeply flawed remarks, but I won’t be crossing my fingers for that one…

Final Thoughts

These Isis fighters who have returned to Canada are never identified as terrorist by the Liberal government. No, no. Trudeau prefers to refer to them as “travellers” or “foreign fighters”. What joke. Call it for it is you traitorous little weasel!

Hopefully we see protests and rallies organized by Italians Portuguese and Greek Canadians in response to Trudeau’s ignorant and disrespectful comments. I know I would feel personally disrespected if I was a European immigrant who came into this country legally only to be compared to terrorist scum by my Prime Minister…

Does Trudeau actually believe returning Isis fighters can be rehabilitated? Or is Trudeau part of a greater agenda that serves Islamic interests over our own? I personally believe the latter is true. Either way, Justin Trudeau will never govern Canada in a manner that will put Canadians first, and that is a certainty!

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