New Poll Has Conservatives Ahead Of Trudeau Liberals 43% – 38%.

A new poll by Forum Research shows the Conservatives with a 5% lead over the Trudeau Liberals!

The Conservatives are at 43%, the Liberals are at 38%, and the NDP are way back at just 12%.

The poll comes as Justin Trudeau faces mounting criticism on virtually every front. Unethical vacations, ISIS reintegration programs, massive deficits, refusing to give veterans fair benefits – you name it! And Canadians are pissed off!

While this poll is fantastic news for Conservative Canadians, the head of Forum Research said that about half of Canadians do not have an opinion on Scheer…

Perhaps many Canadians do not even know Andrew Scheer is. The leader of the CPC still has TO materialize these numbers into actual votes. And this is something I have been quite concerned about for a while now…

I recently walked around the streets of downtown Toronto asking people if they know who Andrew Scheer is… not a single person knew who the official opposition to Trudeau is!

 Watch Video:

Final Thoughts

In all likelihood the Trudeau Liberals and the MSM will do everything in their power to mitigate the poll’s result. So we need to do our best to spread the positive news and encourage more Canadian conservative to get involved in politics. 2019 will be a tough battle, but momentum is on the Right side!

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