No Excuse for Trudeau’s Refusal To Award Veterans Fair Benefits

At a town hall meeting in Edmonton, a Veteran by the name of Brock Blaszczyk , brought up the infamous Omar Khadr settlement and the Isis ‘reintegration program’, asking Trudeau why he broke his promise to Canadians by forcing Veterans to fight in court for their benefits. Brock lost his leg in combat serving in Afghanistan and suffered massive nerve and tissues damage. His speech was raw and powerful. Very emotional. But Trudeau replied him by uttering this repulsive set of words:

“Because they’re asking for more than we are able to give right now.” 

Watch Video:

From Ontario Proud Facebook page

How on earth could Justin Trudeau respond in such a manner while keeping a straight face?

Our joke of a government keeps coming up with new ways to give enormous sums of money to terrorists like Omar Khadr and funding for Isis integration programs, yet they cannot give our veterans their proper benefits???

Let’s think about this for one second…

Trudeau came up with the tax dollars needed for his unethical trip to billionaire island…

…he gives billions away in foreign aid…

…he had the billions to spend on illegal immigrants who entered our country illegally…

… he gave millions in donations to the Clinton foundation…

…and he even gave himself and the other MP’s a raise!

But when it comes to our war heroes and Veteran benefits, the endless supply of money seems to have all dried up and they are simply just “asking for too much”. What a crock of sh*t eh? Our veterans deserve a hell of a lot better than that!

Final Thoughts

Our PM’s callous words and flawed reasoning showcases his absolute disregard for our military men and women, and everyone who learns of this should be outraged.

Every Canadian must see the video  of Brock Blaszczyk asking Justin Trudeau why he chooses to fight veterans in court while giving millions to terrorists. Not only is it an emotional look into a wounded combat soldier’s heart, but it also shows the complete lack of empathy from Justin Trudeau concerning our veterans, and I encourage you all to please share this blog and video with your friends and family.

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