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5 Shocking Facts About Islam!

The debate over whether Islam is a religion of peace has grown increasingly since Donald Trump was elected President and vowed to combat Islamic terrorism.

There are many on the Left will argue that the liberal media will present a distorted view of Islam and of Muslims in general, causing people to be over concerned with the “minimal” threat of Islamic extremism. Conversely, those on the Right will claim the media is far too soft on the Islamic religion, causing people to overlook the dangers of radical Islam.

So how do those who reside in the middle of the political spectrum make heads or tails out of the situation?

Well here’s a look at 5 shocking facts that may offer them some insight…



Marriage between cousins is common and encouraged in Islam, and generation of incest has resulted in 50% of the Muslim population being inbred. It is estimated In Pakistan, where there has been cousin marriage for hundreds of years, and according to professor Anne-Marie Nybo Andersen from South Danish University, the current rate is 70%! A BBC report discussed Pakistanis in the United Kingdom, 55% of whom marry a first cousin. Given the high rate of such marriages, many children come from repeat generations of first-cousin marriages.

People Inbred are more likely to suffer from health defects and often have anger control issues and other psychological problems.

2) Treatment of Homosexuals

Male homosexuality is illegal and punishable by imprisonment in Kuwait, Egypt, Oman, Qatar, and the UAE. And it is actually punishable by death in Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Syria, and Yemen.
That’s right. Yemen and Saudi Arabia – countries we sell weapons to and give foreign aid to – kill gay people for being gay.

The LGBT has no business aligning themselves politically with Islam. Islam has no intentions of treating the LGBT with respect, and if sharia law takes hold within western nations the rights of gays and other minority’s will shrink faster than you can say  LGBTQIOUSGHEA and sometimes Y. Ok I guess that does take a bit of time to say, but you get my point!

3) FGM

Female genital mutilation is the partial or complete removal of the external portion of the female genitalia. According to a 2013 UNICEF report based on surveys completed by select countries, this sickening practice is known to be prevalent in 27 African countries, and other places like Yemen and Iraqi Kurdistan, where over 125 million women and girls have undergone FGM. With 98% of its female population having undergone the horrific procedure, Somalia has the highest percentage of FGM in the world. Virtually every Somalian woman has had her genitals mutilated in one way or another – that is absolutely mortifying!


To say that Islamic fundamentalism taking shape in the form radicalism in the Muslim world is a serious problem would be a terrible understatement. Terrorism is quite prevalent throughout the Middle East, North Africa, and other regions of the world. In 2015, four Islamic extremist groups were responsible for 74% of all deaths from terrorism: ISIS, Boko Haram, the Taliban and Al-Qaeda, according to the Global Terrorism Index 2016.

So yes, terrorism is LARGELY caused by Muslims, not Christians Jews or Buddhist or atheists. It’s a flat-out lie or a result of sheer ignorance for anybody to argue that the majority of terrorist acts are committed by any group other than Islamic extremists. We need to stop pretending that all religions are exactly the same in every conceivable way. Although each religion has its problems, Islamic controlled regions have a rather worrying affinity towards radicalism…


Many people have the misconception that Islam is mostly limited to the Middle East, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. It is actually estimated that only about 15% of all Muslims are Arab!

Indonesia has the most Muslims in one country followed by India then Pakistan. There are millions more in china and Africa as well. Islam is a growing rapidly and it will soon become the worlds largest religion.

It is simply incorrect to view Islam as a purely Middle eastern ideology, when in fact, it is prevalent throughout the world. And we are only fooling ourselves if we put on the front that it is mostly contained to the Arab world.

Final Thoughts


I enjoy compiling these kind of lists because it provides people with a quick one-stop way of waking up others. Rather than being tasked with difficult and tedious job of sorting through dozens of articles and videos to get to the meat, like I had to do in order to write this blog, we now have a quick list to work with that can easily an effectively reveal the truth about Islam to those who are skeptical or unsure. So make sure to share this blog on social media  and show it to your friends as well!

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