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Trump Blasts Jay-Z After Rapper Calls Him “Superbug”

“Somebody please inform Jay-Z that because of my policies, Black Unemployment has just been reported to be at the LOWEST RATE EVER RECORDED”, Trump tweeted on Jan 28th.

The president is right; African-American unemployment is at 6.8%, which a record low. But that doesn’t seem to matter much to Jay-Z

The Story

On CNN’s The Van Jones Show, Jay-Z said focusing on unemployment rates was missing the point. “It’s not about money at the end of the day…money doesn’t equate to happiness. It doesn’t. That’s missing the whole point. You treat people like human beings…that’s the main point.”

Hmmm, isn’t it convenient for Jay-Z to say money doesn’t buy happiness? The man owns billions of dollars – a record label and a basketball team – and he’s going to say money doesn’t matter? Please Jay-Z, let’s see you give away all of your money and possessions and tell me financial security doesn’t mean anything. And no Mr Jigga’ man, you cannot logically make the argument that a healthier economy and better job availability doesn’t improve the quality of life for black Americans. That is just ignorant.

Jay-Z then goes on to say President Trump’s election was caused by a failure to address certain issues.
“You have sprayed perfume on the trash can,” he said. “What you do when you do that is the bugs come. You spray something and you create a superbug because you don’t take care of the problem.”
“You don’t take the trash out, you keep spraying whatever over it to make it acceptable. As those things grow, you create a superbug. And then now we have Donald Trump, the superbug.”

Again, Jay-Z doesn’t understand that Donald Trump is actually more like the garbage-man, if we are to use his analogy. Trump is taking out the trash that nobody else seems capable or willing to throw out! President Trump is making America Great Again, and helping blacks get jobs is a yuuuge part of his plan.

Final Thoughts

It’s not Donald Trumps job to be nice it’s his job to get Americans working again! Stick to rapping Mr. Zee, because your understanding of political issues is clearly severely lacking.

But either way you slice it, Jay-Z’s pathetic endorsement of Hilary during her campaign demonstrated to the world hos overall lack of any influence regarding politics whatsoever! So you do you Jay-Z, and we’ll just keep on laughing at you like we always do!

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