Shooting Spree In Toronto – Media and Trudeau Silent!

Adam Abdi, a Somali-Canadian, has been charged with 48 offences, which includes 7 counts of attempted murder.

IMG_9844Adam Abdi

From January 9th to January 21st, five people were randomly shot in Toronto. Although fortunately none of the shots were fatal, one of the victims were seriously injured.

According to Global News, none of the shootings were fatal, but at least one of the victims had serious injuries. In one instance, the suspect allegedly shot at a 19-year-old man and a 15-year-old girl standing in a hallway of a building. In another incident, he fired at a 35-year-old man and his four-year-old girl who were sitting in a parked vehicle in the Finch Avenue West and Islington Avenue area. Both occupants were unharmed.”

Media Staying Quiet

I don’t know about you, but this seems to me like it should have been plastered all over social media and every news paper. And yes, I think a word from our “leaders” would be in order. But I guess that’s wishful thinking because no one — and i mean no ones — is talking about this. I suppose a story involving an alleged hijab attack is more deserving of our Prime Minister’s words than a random shooting spree…

Final Thoughts

It’s not a stretch of the imagination to argue that many Canadians are harboring significant concerns about our questionable immigration and refugee system – and if it turns out that this gun wielding maniac came in to Canada through our flawed and weak system, Canadians deserve to know it.

At any rate, this is a story clearly deserving of much more attention than it’s currently generated. I mean what else could be more news worthy than a shooting spree in Canada’s largest city?

Abdi is obviously an extremely dangerous and unpredictable man who needs to spend hard time behind bars, but I look forward to learning more about what drove him to such senseless violence and discovering any possible connections to Islamic terrorist organizations.

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30 thoughts on “Shooting Spree In Toronto – Media and Trudeau Silent!

    1. Really? Never heard so much as a peep in BC, Canada’s mainstream media is left wing bias to the core.
      Trudope spoke out about a phony hijab story but nothing on this!!! Shame the shooter in the story didn’t aim his gun at our pos PM then maybe he’d change his tune

      1. your*, mistakes like that make you look like a dip shit when you’re calling someone stupid in your comment. Dumb cunt.

      1. You are a terrible person with your remark, by inciting a death threat to a person reporting on an issue that concerns many Canadians, I read your remarks as a death threat, and you should be reported for this,

    2. Uhhh, no it was NOT ! CBC, Global and CTV all had extensive coverage of Donald Trump and the progress of the FAKE Russia narrative for the two evenings following this mulsim asshole’s arrest. Not one word of this shooting spree was aired out here in Alberta…. A muslim jihadi shooting innocent Canadians goes against Socks-and-Selfie boy’s multy-kulty narrative, so the alt-left media was ordered to remain silent

    3. They each did one story, so they could say they “covered” it. They all came out after his arrest.

      The shooting spree lasted for two weeks, without any alerts to the public or descriptions of the suspect. No mention is made of his religion or nationality.

      Meanwhile, the scissor girl story was an international story, within hours. The PM, Opposition Leader, and Premier of Ontario all commented on it.

      There is a clear bias when it comes to Islam and violence.

      1. As long as only liberal voters are shot or killed, there is no problem.
        Of course violence is an essential part of islam and sharia law. to disparage moslem violence is to insult islam. better to die a rape victim than insult islam, remember that you retarded feminists, you are asking for this, and you will get it. NO sympathy for any liberal who is raped or murdered by a moslem or any of the other “professional victim” groups.

    4. Covered, but didn’t make headlines. They buried it, do a search on it, next to nothing comes up.
      Yet a white hero shoots up “rapefugees” in Italy and its all over our news.
      How is a shooting in Italy more significant to canadian media then a shooting in toronto? Only a leftist whould find logic in that.

  1. So this “Black” Somalian/Canadians can go and shoot/kill (I’ll bet ISIS is bind this terrorist act)yet no mention or reaction from Trudeau re race/color and condemnation of the attack!! Yet He can sympathize with 6 being killed at the Muslim mosque or apologize for a FAKE hijab attack??????? Tis is F**N BS!!!!

  2. This was not spread all over the media. I saw one post that they we’re looking for him. “in question” was the term they used and a man of interest. The second post I saw was that he was arrested and charged. I watch the news daily and nothing.

  3. As Donald would say he is from a piece of SHIT country . Easy fix is take away any Canadian rights , passport etc. Than send his No good ass back were he came from & any family members to .

    1. Totally agree! The lack of coverage by the media shows why they are no longer respected or believed. Every day Trudeau is losing voters with his misdirected (or missing) comments on this type of thing.

    2. Your right, that used to be the case…as a matter of fact, if he was European he would be deported. But these ppl they can do what they want. This is the firdt i had information regatding a shooting spree.

  4. As someone who presents themselves publically as a professional writer and social commentator it is astounding the racial undertones, misleading discriminatory assumptions and grammatical errors you convey in your piece. Anyone who reads this and takes it on as serious critical thinking on any issue should reconsider the media they take in and perhaps look into their sources.

  5. It seems to me that the conservatives are just trying to get things rolling..they need to first get their own messes cleared up first …so tired of hearing all this crap. Just saying.

  6. This is only the beginning. Canadians are not armed and they know that no one is going to shoot back. Good luck and make sure you can dodge the bullets.

  7. Yes, because God knows that no Canadian-born white people commit heinous crimes! Refugees and recent immigrants are far less likely to commit murder or terrorism than people who were born here. For Heaven’s sake, stop your ignorant fear-mongering. It’s easy to bait racism, because it is anchored in ignorance (“Oh, look! This is SHINY!”). A much more worthy task — and one which will serve this nation much more soundly — is to defy — and attempt to correct — precisely the sort of bigoted hatred which you are presently encouraging.

    1. So if this is the way “you” look at this story, please tell me what our PM and Toronto Mayor were doing, holding press conferences for the hijab hoax?

    2. Oh so you agree with what he did he shouldnt be held accountable and deported! Thats what I hear you saying, its not their fault thay dont understsnd our ways…you are one sick person it would be a different story if your family members were ever victim’s of these ppl.

    3. you pathetic libtard.
      we all hope you and your family will experience the joys of the islamic faith one day. your children will and should curse you for your support of violent migration.
      when a liberal voter, such as your self, is murdered or raped by one of your chosen professional victims, you deserve no help or sympathy. you and your pathetic ilk caused this problem and you deserve (along with your family) to bear the brunt of the violence and savagery.
      FYI , moron the prison population is disproportionately moslem and aboriginal this is true in every civilised (non-moslem) country in the world. Did you ever wonder why? Do you even know what “disproportionate” means? read a book, get a job, learn some arithmetic. you are not welcome here.

  8. We look at the major newscast companies in the U.S.A. over 92% reported negative comments about Donald Trump throughout his run for the Presidency, but also his first year in office. I felt that in Canada our media was better than the U.S.A. The reality has now set in that all our major media companies are know different. The CBC has always been Pro Liberal, but now they as a taxpayer funded company have stepped over the line in the sand. To not report on a serial killer in Toronto, you know why because he is from Africa, and we don’t want to say anything bad about our new immigrants. Sorry to tell you but the general public has caught onto your selective reporting, thank goodness there is now alternate independent media that just reports the facts and let’s you draw your own conclusion.

  9. This was on the news I saw it, but oh wait, it was the CTV news which only reports “some” of it. I was thinking the same, the PM and that Wynn were all over the false story of the scissor cutting hijab man but not once was there ever an apology made on that and not one word was mentioned about the shooter going around Toronto shooting at random people. Now what would you call that? Do I sound like I’m Islamaphobia? You’d better believe I am and the leaders of this country are not helping me to feel otherwise, they’ve created that fear in me.

    1. kind of like the white sex slavery and rape gangs operating wherever moslems have their ghettos. totally ignored as long as only white children are the victims.

  10. The bottom line is that this Adam Abdi is a criminal . Shooting people who did nothing to him. Tj Madison and Janet Suykins! I can’t understand how you think there’s any justification in your ignorant comments. Are you both that blinded by hatred for your fellow citizens? Is it that important to follow a false belief? I think you are both mentally ill. Seek psychiatric help, some therapy might work if you really want change.

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