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Trudeau Government To Make Beer More Expensive For Canadians.

The federal government is raising taxes on beer by about 2% this April, and will increase the amount every year to match inflation.

Beer enthusiasts have remained silent about the beer-tax so far —perhaps due to ignorance or maybe just being too hung over — but at any rate, only the beer manufactures seem to be worried about the new tax hike.
Luke Harford, president of Beer Canada, complained to the Toronto Star, explaining how a tax-hike will “automatically increase prices for our customers”. Beer Canada states that Canadians are already heavily taxed on beer. 47% of the price of beer in Canada is already government tax! We’re taxed at one of the highest tax rates in the world.

Fight Back!

To influence the government to pull-back their decision, Beer Canada is promoting an “Axe The Beer Tax” Axe The Beer Petition . The group is also encouraging Canadians to tell their MP’s that they are strongly against the proposed beer tax.

Canadians are already heavily taxed on beer and other alcohol products, especially compared to our friends south of the border, and the federal government currently collects over $5 billion every year in beer taxes. $5 billion!!! That’s a lot of loonies ladies and gentlemen. But are we really that shocked that Justin Trudeau and the liberals are trying to squeeze even more money out of our pockets? I’m not, and neither should you — but if you enjoy your beer, and you would like to fight back, I urge you to sign the Petition.

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Final Thoughts

Although I do enjoy a cold refreshing beer on a hot summer day just as much as the next guy,  I myself am not a very big beer drinker, but I understand that many Canadians do — heck, we are known for having quality beer and the passion to drink! So I sympathize with beer drinkers across Canada and I completely understand how much this will negatively affect their wallets. To those who drink, I say this: Get mad. Get mad at the Trudeau government for imposing yet another tax increase and pinching the lower and middle-classes even more than they already have been! After all, it wont be the wealthy who suffer by this the most — it WILL be average Canadians with average incomes who are impacted more than anyone.


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