Trudeau Government To Give $12 Million To Yemen!

The Trudeau government will give $12 million in Canadian taxpayer dollars to Yemen, a sh*thole nation ruled by Islamic fundamentalists.

Well it looks like the Liberals are at it again; handing out our taxpayers dollars to Islamic-controlled nations that should not be trusted, let alone supported. You see, a not too long ago the Trudeau government made it possible for Canadian-made weapons to be sold to Saudi Arabia because they actually believed the Saudi Arabian government when they promised it would only be used for self-defense purposes. Any guess as to what happens next? Yup, you got it. Saudi Arabia ended up launching a war against Yemen — most likely using the Canadian-made weapons that we gave to them! Now Yemen is in need of aid, 12 Million to be exact, and our government is happy to give it to them. Can you see what’s happening here? We are getting played for fools as the Middle East soaks up our cash and destroys itself, pushing more and more refugees and immigrants into the West.

Useful Idiots and The Puppet Masters.

Justin Trudeau and his Liberal government are more than willing to continue selling weapons to corrupt nations like Saudi Arabia, only to dish out additional taxpayer dollars in an effort to “fix” the problem they helped to create. It goes like this:                    1) Sell weapons to country ‘a’. 2) Country ‘a’. then attacks Country b. 3) Send profits to country b in the form of foreign aid.

Ridiculous eh? You know who the winners are in all of this, right? Well it’s not the people of the Middle East, and it’s definitely not Canadians… think you know the answer? BINGO! That’s right — it’s the Islamic fundamentalist, the Zionists, and the globalist elites who win! George Soros and company are laughing at us, and many Canadians still don’t even the joke that is being played.

Final Thoughts

I can say it until I’m blue in the face; Canada needs a leader who will put Canadians first! Our country needs someone who refuses to submit to the Zionist/globalist/Islamic agenda — someone who will put tax payers dollars back into Canada — NOT foreign nations who support Islamic fundamentalism and break deals to achieve their own objectives. And it sure as hell isn’t Jihadi Justin Trudeau and his crew of liberal puppets!

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10 thoughts on “Trudeau Government To Give $12 Million To Yemen!

  1. Every time we hear about Trudeau, he is throwing the Canadian taxpayers money by the billions to countries like Yemen, building roads in Jordan etc. etc. This must stop, therefore we need a federal government who is accountable and and spending our money in our country!!!!!!!

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