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New Poll Has Conservatives Within 3% Of Trudeau Liberals

The Liberals currently maintain 37% while the Conservatives clip away at their heels with 33.8%, according to new poll.

A recent Nanos Poll concluded that the Conservatives are trailing the liberals by just 3.2%. The poll positions the Liberals at 37%, the Conservatives at 33.8%, and the NDP falling far behind at 20%. Sorry Jagmeet, I think Canada is looking for someone a little bit less Hindu fundamentalist and a little less communist. It has nothing to do with race — but everything to do with culture and ideology.

The Turning of the tides…

Considering the Trudeau Liberals were enjoying as much as a 10% lead on the Conservatives at various stages throughout the early campaign, the news of surging support for the Conservatives comes as a surprise. Perhaps this new shift in support has something to do with Trudeau’s plan to reintegrate Isis terrorists, or his recent vacation scandal where he was found to be guilty of violating conflict of interest rules. Or maybe – just maybe, more and more people are finally getting upset about the lack of border security in this country. In any case, Trudeau is losing support, and he’s losing it FAST!

Conservatives kicking Ass In Ontario!

The Conservative party is actually leading in Ontario by four percentage points, which indicates a massive loss in support for the Liberals. This serves as encouraging news for those on the Right, especially when factoring in Ontario possessing the most electoral votes out of any other province by far; 122 to be exact. Even Quebec and Alberta combined — which are number 2 and 3 in terms of electoral power at 78 and 42 electoral districts respectively — do not equal the voting power of the mighty Ontario. So this truly is an important victory conservatives – although it is not guaranteed to remain this way, we’ll take it where we can get it!

Final Thoughts

It appears the Conservatives have done a decent job at highlighting and criticizing Justin Trudeau’s and the Liberal Government’s failures and embarrassing scandals — and this has drastically dampened Liberal support overall, especially in Ontario.

Although I personally believe Andrew Scheer would benefit from projecting a more hard-edged approach towards politics and social issues in general, and I have my doubts about his willingness so stay to true to his base, I have to acknowledge progress where progress is made, and I must say Andrew Scheer and the Conservatives are doing a better job than I had thought, and I am happy to see Trudeau losing so much support! Well done Andrew Scheer, well done.


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