Trudeau & Media Defend Hijab Attack Hoax!

One big lie…

Mainstream news outlets and the big name politicians not only initially jump the gun by condemning “racist Canadians” for the ALLEGED attack on the 11-year-old
Scarborough girl who claimed she was assaulted for wearing a hijab — but after the story was revealed to be nothing more than a hoax, the liberal media and left-wing politicians were still perpetuating the whole “Rise in Islamophobia” narrative that we’re all so used to hearing these days. Rather than focusing on the lying and deception fabricated by the young girl — and perhaps her family as well — they continued to generate more leftist propaganda! Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, had this to say about the discovery:

We have seen an unfortunate pattern of increased hate crimes in past months directed towards religious minorities, particularly  towards women. Such violence is a warning sign of increased intolerance. We are a country that defends freedom of religion, freedom of expression, and people’s rights to go to school without being fearful or harassed”.

Yup, that’s our leader… He really speaks to the heart of the issue on this one though, eh? What a joke…

Fake news reports..


Rather than discuss the prevalence of Islamic deception and or highlight the fact that Canadians were being called bigots by the media and our political leaders, the CBC instead chose to go on a different direction. According to the CBC, Sabreena Ghaffar-Siddhi qui, a researcher at Hamilton’s McMaster University who focuses on hate crimes against Canadian Muslims, said that her reaction to the news of the story being fabricated was a concern that it might eclipse “real” hate crimes. “Hate crimes toward Muslim people are real,” she said. “I have heard stories of Muslim girls having their hijab pulled off their head, pushed, thrown to the ground. These are real stories … and the reaction that we got from the government and leaders needs to still be there.”

I suppose the CBC felt the need to include this woman’s statement specifically just to make sure nobody forgets that we’re all a bunch of racists in Canada… CBC Article

Huff Post

And of course The Huffington Post responded by posting an article headlined; “The Girl Who Lied About Hijab Attack Deserves An Apology.” In this article the writer asks:

 “When did we assign this level of attention to a child’s stories?”

Uhhh, you’re the ones who plastered the story across the whole country in the first you place, didn’t you? And now you’re asking everyone to relax and forget about it now that the fake news is revealed? Are you kidding me??? The article continues;

“There is a girl in Toronto who needs a lot of patience and understanding. This 11-year-old child made a mistake that grew and grew until it became an international story.”

What??? No, that is way off. She did not make a mistake or an error in the sense that she misremembered a detail or incorrectly stated part of the event. No, SHE MADE THE ENTIRE THING UP! It was premeditated. The only “mistakes” she made was lying and getting caught!

Huffington Post Article 

The Torontoist

Finally we have “The Torontoist”, and their headline on this story reads;

“Eye on Hate: False reports of hate crime fuel anti-Muslim sentiment.”

This is typical Leftist trash! They completely miss the point entirely —projecting the same worn out idea that being critical in regard to Islam is equivalent to being harassing towards Muslims. It’s a ridiculous way to think and we shouldn’t tolerate that form of argument in any manner whatsoever.


Final Thoughts

In all likelihood, the whole thing was a half-baked plot designed by the young girl and most likely her family to gain attention and sympathy from the masses while simultaneously presenting a negative image of non-Muslim Canadians.
Nevertheless, the entire ordeal is both shameful and embarrassing for all guilty parties involved; The young girl and her family for lying (if the family was involved) — the media for blasting the story so quickly and refusing to report on it through an intelligent lens once it was revealed to be false — and the politicians for jumping the gun and refusing to apologize to the Canadian people for labeling us all racists!

The main issue here is that the media and politicians refuse to acknowledge that we were all deliberately lied to by a young Muslim woman who was serving an agenda, and if any of us were to have questioned the young Muslim woman’s story prior to it having been revealed to be a hoax, we would be called a racist or an Islamophobe by the Left, no questions asked!

At any rate, thank God her claims were quickly and thoroughly investigated, and ultimately concluded to be lies. Otherwise we’d still be looking for the crazy Islamophobic Asian man carrying around that handy pair of scissors just looking to track down his next unsuspecting victim…

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  1. I like the thought of the people running our country getting duped by an eleven year old it just shows their level of intelligence.

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