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Iranian Canadians Expose Truth About Iran.

Canadians in support of the Iranian protests took to the streets in negative thirty degree temperatures at Mel Lastmen Square in Toronto on Saturday, Jan 6th.

They stood in solidarity with the Iranian people who have grown fed up with the country’s corrupt Islamic fundamentalist dictatorship. But despite what the mainstream media might have you believe, the political and economic conditions were NOT the main concerns of the protestors, and this was very clearly proven to me during Saturdays rally.

The Truth The MSM Doesn’t Want You To Know…

Although the county of Iran has experienced economic and political turmoil, with nearly 10 million Iranians living On less than $5.50 a day, the Iranian people are mostly enraged by the oppression they endure — the wrongful imprisonments that continuously occur — and the mass executions carried out by the corrupt fundamentalist government. Islamic extremism is the TRUE enemy of the Iranian people, and the world is now watching very closely.

Every single Iranian protestor that I interviewed stated that the Iranian protests were primarily about resisting Islamic fundamentalism and radical dictatorships that have been responsible for the oppression of innocent people and the terrorizing non-Muslims. Not to mention the execution of Muslim apostates, journalists, gays, and other “problematic” groups and individuals. Earning a higher income and enjoying a healthy economy is not exactly your most pressing concerns when your friends and loved ones are being wrongfully imprisoned and your fellow countrymen are being killed for saying or believing the “wrong thing”.

I Was Wrong… and I’m proud of it!

I must admit that I was wrong about the motivation behind the rally here in Toronto. I actually believed the false narrative projected by the mainstream media. It just seemed logical to me  that the terrible economic conditions  were to blame for the people’s revolt, and I had a hard time accepting the possibility that the Iranian people would actually be that hostile towards Islamic fundamentalism…. But I am happy to say that I couldn’t have been any more wrong and the people I spoke to definitely proved it!

Watch Full Video:

(Interviews start at 9:20)

Trudeau vs Trump

The majority of people I spoke to at the rally were in strong support of Donald Trumps critical and direct statements regarding the Iranian regime. This is something you won’t see in the mainstream media very much, if at all. However, the protestors attitude towards Justin Trudeau were not so positive to say the least. Virtually every protestor I interviewed had an identical statement with respect to Trudeau; “Justin Trudeau doesn’t care about the Iranian people or Canadians. He is a traitor and an idiot. Trudeau must go!”

Not Just Iranian Canadians in Attendance.

Members of the Jewish Defence League, 3% Canada, Northern Guard, and other patriot groups were in attendance to show their support for both the Canadian and Iranian protestors! It was actually quite a diverse group of people thanks to our various patriot groups.

One Hell of an Interview!

The rally in support for the Iranian protestors was an eye opener for me in many ways, but perhaps the most important part of the day came just moments before the protest was at an end, when one of the event promoters approached me and requested an interview. He explained live on camera how the Iranian government is at the centre of islamic radicalism and how it leads all the way to Canadian government— who is in business with Islamic extremists and is slowly implementing sharia law in Canadian policy and legislation.

His English was poor and much of the information he was dispensing is fresh for me to properly digest and absorb, but I’m taking the time to study this video and research the information given to me, and I will be making a more thorough report on this in the near future.

Final Thoughts

I was proud to stand with Iranian Canadians who share the same values as I do and who are fighting to see the Middle East be set free from Islamic fundamentalism and tyrannical regimes. My hat goes off to everyone who attended the rally and withstood the freezing temperatures in the cold Canadian winds. We are all true Canadians, and on Jan 6 of 2018 at Mel Lastmen Square in Toronto, we proved it!

Full Video:

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