17 Ways Justin Trudeau and The Liberals Let Us Down in 2017.


1. A 28 Billion Dollar Budget Deficit

Last year Trudeau promised a $9.9 billion deficit. The deficit came to be $23 billion in that year. This year Trudeau promised a $9.5 billion deficit, but in actuality $28.5 billion is the number we are currently looking at. See a pattern here?
Lies, false promises, reckless spending and careless budgeting is the name of the liberals game, and we Canadians have to foot the bill…

2. Motion M-103

Justin Trudeau enthusiastically supported the motion introduced  by Muslim Liberal mp Iqra Khalid, which gives special protection to Islam in the form of “quelling” any open criticism against it. This motion has infuriated many right wing activists and proponents of free speech in general. The overwhelming majority of Canadians believe that NO ideology is to be protected from criticism in the free world, yet here we have M-103 being passed without any significant coverage from the media.
It is worthy to note the Muslims are not victimized by acts of hate any more than other groups. In fact gays blacks and Jews are targeted far more frequently in Canada, yet here we have a motion in place designed specifically to protect Muslims…

3. Backing an immigration plan that will bring 300,000 immigrants into the country per year.

I’m 2018 Canada will start accepting 300,000 new comer into the country annually. Enough is enough already! This country is being totally culturally diluted in the major cities and we need to put a stop to this globalist strategy before we don’t have a Canada left to fight for. Mass immigration is the greatest weapon the globalist have to break down the West and convincing government to reduce immigration is perhaps the greatest challenge we will face.

4. The Refugee Crisis

The total number of asylum seekers entering illegally into Canada under the Trudeau Government in 2017 is over 15,000. That’s about 15,000 too many in my opinion…
Asylum seekers receive a minimum monthly payment of $642.92. But the most shocking stat in regards to the refugee crises, is that on average, $15,000 to $20,000 is spent by different levels of government on each asylum claimant!
How can our government be so irresponsible with securing our borders? And should we really be spending so much on refugees who may or may not share the same values as Canadians???

5. The Omar Khadr Settlement

Approximately 78% of Canadians disagreed with Trudeau decision to settle out of court to the tune of 10.5 million dollars with a convicted terrorist in Omar Kahdre. Even liberals were outraged over this one—with 65% of liberals disapproving the decision.
It seems nobody but the far left was in support of this settlement!

6. The Reintegration of Isis Fighters Into Canada

The Trudeau government is set to “reintegrate” dozens of Isis fighters who were recruited from Canada back into the country without any charges having been made! You would figure our government would be a little more concerned with eradicating the enemy as opposed to welcoming them back into our country, but not this government…

7. Referring to Canada As a Post Nationalist Country With “No Core Identity”

This is just a slap in the face to every Canadian whose proud to be part of this unique and amazing country. I won’t even dignify this with a response. Fuck you Trudeau! Seriously.

8. Spending $215,000 on a vacation we all paid for.

Let’s be real… $215,000 for a vacation to the Bahamas, paid for by Canadian taxpayers? If that’s not enough to piss you off I don’t know what is. How ridiculous is that? How could you possibly need hundreds of thousands of dollars for vacations??? Maybe someone has an expensive lady-boy addiction or something — we all know what happens on those islands… I guess what happens in the Bahamas stays in the Bahamas eh Justin???

At least he was found guilty of violating conflict of interest rules, but the $500 fine he received was joke and a total slap in the face to Canadians everywhere. The risk is certainly worth the reword.

9. Failing to Extend Parental Leave

Canada is one of the hardest places to support a family and raise children financially, and although Justin Trudeau promised to extend parental leave to 18 months, he’s done absolutely nothing to actualize his plan thus far, leaving many Canadian families both on the Right and Left very frustrated. Canada suffers from a low birth rate and would greatly benefit from an 18 month parental leave to encourage couples to have children.

10. Allowing Opioid Crisis To Grow

The Trudeau government has not responded to Canada’s ongoing opioid crisis. 16 Canadians are hospitalized each day due to opioid poisonings, and the federal government has done nothing to halt this epidemic. Specialized law enforcement combined with more effective rehabilitation programs are essential to curbing this growing epidemic.

11. Forgetting To Mention Alberta On Canada Day

How do you forget to mention an entire province on Canada’s proudest day while giving a shout out to “all” the the provinces and territories? Is it just coincidence that he failed to acknowledge Alberta during his original speech? Or perhaps it was a deliberate jab at a province that has a reputation for being conservative? Either way, it’s a dick move.

12. Spending $2.8 billion on foreign aide to reduce climate change in other countries!

We don’t have a budget surplus to be handing out billions to other countries based on an unproven theory. Our tax dollars should be going towards ways  to improve Canada for Canadians, not shipped over to foreign countries in an effort to fight “man-made global warming”.

13. Spending $200,000 on rubber ducky.

This thing was just absurd. $200,000 on a stupid yellow rubber ducky to be showcased at harbour-front in Toronto for Canada 150 celebrations-—that serves no point aand does not represent Canada in any way? Yup, sounds like a move the Trudeau government would make. Heck it’s only other people’s money right, who cares about $200 G’s?

14. $5.6 Million Ice Rink.

The rink that stands just outside of  parliament hill requires people to purchase tickets 48 hours in advance to enjoy the rink and there is no hockey, no figure skating, and no racing allowed. Sound like a great time and great use of 5.6 mill eh?

15. Removing Female genital mutilation from the Canadian citizenship guide.

The Canadian citizenship guide is a tool that prepares newcomers to Canada for their citizenship test, but under the new version a section discussing FGM (fake genital mutilation) is set to be taken out by the Trudeau government.

Michelle Rempel has been a strong critic of the Liberals on this issue, but despite her efforts to obtain a satisfactory explanation for its removal from the guide, she was met with side-stepping and denial from immigration minister Ahmed Hussen. It is still unclear what will happen and why it will happen.

16. Giving billions in foreign aid to countries that are ruled under sharia law and Islamic fundamentalism.

i don’t think I have to explain this one, but just for good measure, no western country should be giving  financial aide to Islamic regimes or governments that enforce sharia law in their people! Sharia law oppresses the LGBT and women—the people liberals are supposed to be most concerned about helping, yet they want to give cash to Islamic controlled governments?

17. Stuttering and stammering his way through every single press conference interview and debate.

The guy is just an idiot and it becomes quite evident the moment he opens his mouth. That’s just the truth! It should be obvious to even a liberal if they were to actually take the time to do a little research and listen to our bumbling joke of a PM speak that he’s not an intelligent or confident man, but I guess Canadians just aren’t paying enough attention. Sad…

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  1. Please edit this “FGM (fake genital mutilation) is set to be taken out by the Trudeau government.’ TO “fgm (FEMALE GENITAL MUTILATION) Thanks.

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