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Pamela Geller Exposes Radical Islam In Toronto!

The venue was packed, and the audience was excited for controversial world renowned author, political activist and social commentator, Pamela Geller, to deliver a powerful and informative speech on the dangers of Islamic influence in the West. And they were not disappointed!

Watch The Full Speech:

Approximately 500 people attended the event—organized by the Jewish Defence League in Toronto—including members of various security teams and Pamela’s personal bodyguards.

Memorable Moments From Pamela’s Speech

Mrs. Gellar highlighted our current Governments support of Islam—slamming Trudeau while giving praise to our former PM Stephan Harper, for his stance on Islamic extremism. The crowd erupted in cheers in support for Harper!

Pamela advised Canadians not to be complacent — issuing a “you’re either with us or against us” mentality. She stated that “fence sitting” is simply unacceptable anymore. “You have to speak out or else you’re part of the problem” she said to a tentative audience. I must that say I find myself agreeing more and more with that statement every day…

An Interview with Ezra

Following her speech, Ezra Levant of Rebel Media asked Pamela about her views on “Christian Genocide”.

Watch video:

Book Signing

Before the night had come to an end, attendees had the opportunity to purchase a copy of Mrs. Geller’s latest book Fatwa, and have it signed by Pamela while she fielded questions and offered advice to concerned patriots on various issues surrounding the topic of Islam and free speech. Copies of the book were being sold for $35 each.




The Protestors…

A small group of protestors consisting mostly of union members and a few Antifa members/affiliates congregated out side of the building, however their presence had next to zero impact on the evening thanks to solid security measures taken by JDL, ProudBoys, the Northern Guard and others.

Watch video:

Ronny Cameron confronts protestors outside the venue just moments before Pamela is set to take the stage.

Great To See Friends And Fans!

IMG_9123Throughout the evening I had some time to catch up with some friends from around the province who were coming in from cities such as Ottawa to attend the three hour event. I also got the chance to meet a few fans as well!


Overall the night was a YUUUGE success and I couldn’t be happier with how the evening turned out. Thanks to the JDL society team, The Northern Guard, ProudBoys, and everyone else who helped with security!

Pamela is an inspiration to those who are concerned about the spread of Islamic extremism in the West and around the globe, and her presence in Canada will surely encourage more to join the growing nationalist movement here in the country.

I’d like to thank Meir Weinstein and the JDL for organizing an amazing event and for inviting Pamela Geller to Toronto. Pamela has been banned from speaking in the U.K. and considering our governments position on Islamophobia I wouldn’t be surprised if she one day gets banned from speaking here as well. This was a very special event and attendees were fortunate to be able to meet Mrs. Geller.

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