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ISIS Supporter Who Plotted to Kill Pamela Geller to Serve 28 Years in Prison!

David Wright, a supporter of the Islamic State who was convicted of plotting to behead author, blogger and political activist, Pamela Geller, was sentenced Tuesday to 28 years behind bars.

Within 24 hours of wrapping up  widely promoted event in Toronto, Pamela Geller received some amazing news; the man accused of plotting to kill the world renowned critic of Islam would be a threat to her no more!

Pamela Geller sits beside Meir Weinstein of the Jewish Defence League (JDL) during a book signing in Toronto on Monday December 18.

It was determined that David Wright along with his uncle and a third man, conspired to kill Geller because they were angry she organized a Prophet Muhammad cartoon contest in Texas about two years ago. During the prophet Mohamed cartoon contest, two men opened fire outside that hit a security guard moments before being taken down in a shootout with police.

Wright was the leader of the conspiracy and convinced his uncle and others to help him “wage a war in America”. The men were part of a Boston-based cell of Jihadi’s recruited by ISIS terrorist and hacker, Junaid Hussain. Wright’s uncle was given directions about the plan to kill Geller from Junaid Hussain, who would later be killed in a Syrian air strike.

Wright was found guilty of 5 charges in October, including conspiracy to provide material support to a foreign terrorist organization.

Nicholas Rovinski, the other man involved in the plan, pleaded guilty a year ago to conspiracy charges and is looking now looking at 15 to 22 years behind bars. Rovinski is on record saying Wright had stated that Geller “deserved to be beheaded” because she insulted the great prophet Muhammad….

Final Thoughts…

It is cases like this which reveals just how influential and rampant Islamic extremism is in the West, and that is precisely why people Pamela Geller and so many other continue to fight and expose Islamic fundamentalism every step of the way.

The Inconvenient fact that some Muslims will go to such extremes to preserve the honour of their great prophet Mohamed shows how brainwashing the religion truly is. Just imagine how insane you would have to be in order to plan and attempt such a plot over a cartoon…

I myself am glad justice has been served for Pamela, and although a life-sentence was what she and prosecutors were originally hoping for, I’m sure Pamela is happy with the results and feels much safer knowing that David Wright will most likely be behind bars for the rest of her life!

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One thought on “ISIS Supporter Who Plotted to Kill Pamela Geller to Serve 28 Years in Prison!

  1. it makes me feel good and safe to know that there are people like pamala and others standing up and fighting against this invasion by islam into our country. our government is of no help. thank you.

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