Trudeau Government to Cut Female Genital Mutilation From Citizenship Guide (VIDEO)

The Discover Canada Guide is a
Canadian Citizenship guide designed to help new comers to the country past the Citizens Test.

The previous guide featured greater detail on things like the War of 1812, but more importantly it had a warning that “barbaric cultural practices” such as honour killings and female genital mutilation are crimes here  in Canada. But this year the liberal government has decided to axe that section from the guide, and as a result they have received significant backlash from many conservatives.

Go Michelle!

Conservative MP and Michelle Rampel has been extremely vocal on this issue, criticizing our liberal Government at great lengths the Liberals incompetency.


Click the link to watch her FB live video.

Trudeau and his minister Ahmed Hussen, are removing listing female genital mutilation as a harmful practice from our Citizenship Guide. 

Female Genital Mutilation

Female Genital Mutilation or FGM for short, is the partial or complete removal of the female external genitals. It is often performed with crude tools and results in physical and psychological damage for millions of women around the world. In many North African and Asian countries as many as 90% of the women have had their genitals mutilated.

Islamic teachings promote female genital mutilation, referring to the practice as honourable for women to subject themselves to.


What’s Going on Here?

Why would our Liberal government take FGM out of the citizens guide? Why would Trudeau not want to educate new comers on this issue? It is quite perplexing and frustrating to say the least…

Perhaps Trudeau is planning on decriminalizing FGM practices here in Canada. Maybe this is just precursor for more to come in the way of allowing this horrendous practice to take place in our beautiful country. It wouldn’t be too far fetched considering our PM’s infatuation with the religion of “peace” and his desire to promote it at great lengths.

Final Thoughts…

Islamic practices such as FGM have no business being performed here in Canada, and I believe it’s important for immigrants coming to Canada from Islamic dominated nations to understand that these types of cultural traditions will not be accepted here, and educate them as to why we do not accept that kind of crap in the free world. Unfortunately our PM doesn’t see things the same way as the majority of Canadians do…

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3 thoughts on “Trudeau Government to Cut Female Genital Mutilation From Citizenship Guide (VIDEO)

  1. Justin is a Saudi puppet . . . he got on his knees in a Wahhabi moosque and repeated the believers’ prayer . . . Justin is dense beyond belief !

    Canada is well on it’s way to becoming just like the failed states of the EU . . . No-Go Zones and Sharia Law coming soon . . .

  2. Awesome work Ronny! I better see your face in Ottawa next month, I’ll be there with Robert Menard and a few megaphones … education and provocateur exposure techniques 😉

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