Does Canada Really Need Mass Immigration To Maintain Population Growth?

The lie…

It has been driven into our heads that without the population boost that Immigration provides, we would be unable to grow the economy and generate enough taxes to cover things like health care costs and the CPP (Canadian Pension Plan) . Canadians are routinely told that an aging population which is having less children is the primary reason for why Canada requires such high levels of Immigration.  Canada, a nation of about 37 million, currently takes in approximately 300,000 immigrants per year in order to maintain growth. But perhaps there other ways Canada could boost its population without depending on mass Immigration for economic relief and population growth…

The Truth…

Let’s take a look at some contributing factors for why Canada suffers such low birth rates. Do we really need to permit such high volumes of immigrants in order to grow a healthy economy and maintain population growth?

Abortion Rates

A point few people mention, is how abortion rates factor into the equation.

Allowing free and easy access to abortion clinics In Canada has resulted in over 100,000 abortions being performed in the country annually! That’s a lot of dead Canadian babies that will never grow into adults who may one day have children of their own. It cannot be stated enough how devestating abortion practices are to our population growth.

Abolishing abortion alone would reduce the amount of immigrants we take in by 100,000 per year — 1/3 of the total amount we are currently accepting.

The Rise of LGBT

Another cause for why such low birth rates exist across the nation is the rise in homosexuality in Canada.

Canada has a very vast LGTBQ community, and homosexuals make up about 2% of the adult population between the ages of 18-60 in Canada, which equates to roughly 400,000-500,000 homosexuals residing in Canada total. That’s 400,000 people that will not procreate and will not he contributing to Canada’s population growth.

I do not wish to argue the morality of homosexuality in this blog — I am simply stating the facts that homosexuality is obviously counterproductive to increasing our nation’s fertility rate. This point cannot be debated with logic, although I’m sure many on the left would love to deploy a barrage of “arguments” consisting of nothing more than emotionally driven insults and name calling directed at me and those with similar viewpoints…

Feminist Attitudes

As we all know, Canada certainly has a strong SJW community, and with SJW’s comes the dreaded third wave post-modernist feminism that everybody just can’t get enough of, right??? Pffft…

Feminists today largely advocate for women to abandon the “shackles of the home” and enter the work force in order to become “independent” and “empowered”. Motherhood is portrayed as a submission to the patriarch, and pursuing a career is heavily rewarded with praise from feminists and Leftists alike. These attitudes create tremendous amounts of  pressure for women to trade motherhood for careers — pursuing financial goals instead of family goals.

The High Cost Of Living

Heavy taxes combined with the  high cost of living in Canadian cities has also greatly affected Canadians willingness to commit to having children and raising families. Things like getting rent in on time, paying an arm and leg for hydro heating and groceries, and paying off huge student loans has left many Canadians disinterested in taking on the additional financial burdens that comes with raising a child.

Canadian couples are putting off having kinds until they can afford a house only to find that it may be too late to have kinds by the time they actually get there. “We’re just not quite ready yet” is an all too familiar phrase now….

Final Thoughts

From a logical standpoint, if more Canadians were heterosexual — if the country were to ban abortions — if Canada created better financial incentives for new parents — and if feminism were to just take a back seat — our population would sky rocket and there would not be a need for western nations to permit mass immigration like we’re currently seeing.

On top of promoting traditional values that will be conducive to population growth, we must as well provide additional tax breaks and create other financial incentives for couples to desire children. Furthermore, we must find a way to make housing more affordable for couples to actually own homes — comfortably raise children,  and have a happy family.

It is my hope that we will one day restore traditional values to this country which will ultimately extinguish our need for mass immigration. Will that day ever come? Well it depends on how upset Canadians become as we continue to move towards a culturally depleted society…

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7 thoughts on “Does Canada Really Need Mass Immigration To Maintain Population Growth?

    1. I’m a woman and I would love to do that if it were possible, unfortunately I can’t, I’m forced to have a career and work to help my husband to be able to afford to raise our children. I would have loved to take care of my kids and my household myself.

    2. I think the problem is that Canada’s birthrate has dropped to only 1.4. That means Canadian nationals are a dying population. To sustain any population the birthrate must be 2.0. Instead of helping to make it economically feasible for Canadians to have more children, our government is supplanting our population with foreigners.

  1. Migration is not the problem but not like this, a bunch of illegals flooding our nations just so that Justin Trudeau can get more votes. What we need are people willing to follow our rule of law and work create jobs and not be a burden to the public.
    I immigrated to Canada years ago not to sit around in hope the gov will support me I had to have a job first; financial stability to keep me sustain and a healthy health report from my doctor and a clean police report and much more before I was given permission to enter. After 42 years living in Canada we my husband and I NEVER RELIED ON THE FED GOV. We knew that our duty was to Canada-NOT CANADA TO US.
    Unfortunately Canada has become an open border for anyone to enter without being checked out first.

  2. Only in the world of the insane left does importing no skills illiterates into your country make sense.
    These are guaranteed LPC votes forever . . . they value Power more than they luv Canada.

    It was Justin’s marxist Father who started this nonsense in the 70s . . . it was also Justin’s Father who started the “Tax and Spend” sell-out that now continues with the low-intellect son.

    Canada is going in the opposite direction of the USA . . . but not even the Media notice !

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