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Jewish Defence League Exposes Muslim Imam Preaching Hate In Toronto Mosque! (Video)

The Jewish Defence League continues to expose radical Islam in the GTA on multiple fronts. Most recently Meir Weinstien of the JDL filed a police complaint about an Imam prayer video inside a Toronto Mosque he believes spews hate and
suggests violence — the SECOND time the JDL National Corresponder has filed a complaint in 2017!

This video is from a supplication at the Masjid Toronto mosque. It was recorded during Ramadan in 2016 where Imam Ayman Elkasrawy, is caught preaching words in Arabic that when translated, are more than offensive…

The video, which Meir says he came across on YouTube about a year ago, clearly shows the Imam chanting: “O Allah, whoever wishes ill for us and wishes ill for Islam and the Muslims, make his plot tied around his neck. O Allah, turn fate against them and annihilate them as you annihilated the peoples of Aad and Thamud.”

No charges yet…

Despite the seemingly obvious hate contained in the video, currently no charges have been laid. However the original investigation remains open and I am very interested in seeing how this story unfolds.

I had an opportunity to discuss the issue with Mr. Weinstein via phone conversation, and he had this to say about the matter:

“Well it sure seems like hate speech to me”, referring to the video. “Submitting the evidence and filing a report for the police to handle is just the right thing to do.”

IMG_8453.PNGMeir Weinstein Of JDL Canada.

Targets of Hate In The GTA

Jews are targeted by hate crime here in the Greater Toronto Area at higher rate than any other minority. In fact, 30% of all hate crimes are directed towards Jews — about twice that of any other group, including Muslims. So it should be of no surprise that the JDL is very active in exposing hate IN ALL forms, and Islamic extremism is no exception.

Joe Warmington, a columnist for the Toronto Sun, sent the tapes to Tarek Fatah, a Muslim scholar and Toronto Sun columnist, for review. He had this to say:

“It’s calling for annihilation and that’s unacceptable,” Fatah said. “That stuff should be taken out of Islamic prayers”.

Concerns Regarding Islam

Many Islamic teachings are filled with heavy doses of violence and war which makes it is very easy to see how certain individuals in today’s world would emphasize those aspects of the religion to the point of blatantly preaching hate against non-believers. This seems to be a growing trend across the West and I’m very thankful that we have organizations like the JDL (Jewish Defence League) staying vigilant ageainst the threat of radical Islam!

I myself am very worried that the many verses and prayers taught within the Islamic ideology which focus on war and violence towards non-believers will ultimately lead to radicalism and extremism by those who interpret them in a literal and fundamental way. Unfortunately for western nations, fundamental Islamic extremism is a growing trend, and something we should all be vigilant of…

JDL Canada

For more information about the Jewish Defence League Canada, please visit them at:

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