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Trump’s First Year In Office Shaping Up To Be Yuge Success! (VIDEO)

It is now drawing close to a year since Donald Trump was elected President of the United States and only just a little over 9 months since his Inauguration Day. Being such a YUGE Trump supporter I figure it is long over due for me to do a video on how I feel the Donald has been doing so far.


A Short List of Some of President Trump’s Accomplishments Thus Far:

•Created 1.2 million jobs from February through August.
•Instated Travel Ban.
•Removed US from Paris Climate Change Agreement.
•Immigration reform that will reduce total number of immigrants while bringing in more skilled workers.
•Reduced overall crime in America by 1.8%.
•Approved Keystone pipeline.
•Axed funding to foreign agencies that provide abortion services.
•Policy change that has resulted in more arrests of illegal immigrants.
•Devastating ISIS forces.

Moving Forward…

I am quite confident that all the American president must do now is build that Wall up and reform Obama Care and he will satisfy virtually every American who voted for him! Once he accomplishes this, he can then go on to attempt to win over the lefties and those in the middle, as he moves forward towards the next election.

Overall, I feel Trump is doing a fantastic job, and I’m extremely impressed with what I have seen in his first 9 months. In my opinion, it is quite evident that Donald Trump is indeed making America Great Again, and I look forward to seeing what he has in store for us all in the upcoming months and years!

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