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Against The Odds, The Right Continues To Fight In Canada!

It has now become quite clear to me that any individual who expresses a conservative viewpoint that is not 100% fiscally based will be met with hostility and immediate repulsion by the Left. Whether it’s immigration policy, abortion laws, border security, views on BLM, concerns about the science behind transgenderism, or displaying opposition to the spread of Islamic influence in our schools or government – the results are always the same; liberals and lefties alike will continuously associate any form of social conservatism as a bigoted political ideology, and that’s something we must always be prepared for.

When considering the extent to which the political pendulum has swung in favour of the Left, it should be of no surprise to anyone versed in politics that an effort to pull things back to the centre would inevitably emerge from the right, yet the Left likes to pretend that we should all just shut up and submit to the will of the globalist agenda of open border policy and social Marxism. But if they think the Right is going down without a fight, they are poorly mistaken!

More and more conservatives and nationalists are speaking out and taking to various platforms to express their “taboo” political views, and many people in the middle of the political spectrum are now beginning to realize that these “far right” groups and individuals are not the white supremacists and bigots that the Left makes them out to be. It appears that when given the opportunity to hear a rational discussion or productive debate – average citizens are capable of seeing the validity to social conservative arguments.

During the recent rally in Toronto at Nathan Phillips Square on October 21st, many shouting matches debates and even discussions ensued between the anti-Trudeau protesters and counter protesters who were trying desperately to convince onlookers that the anti-Trudeau side was comprised of the white supremacists they had depicted us all to be. However, to the leftists and Antifa’s dismay, the majority of onlookers were not impressed by Antifa’s conduct and arguments, and were quickly able to see that our crowd was actually made up of about 20% non-whites. Many leftists actually decided to leave once they fully realized how diverse our crowd actually was. The arguments we were producing against Trudeau and the radical left were actually sinking in to the minds of those who were there to spectate — and that’s EXATLY what we wanted!


IMG_8134Photos from the anti-Trudeau rally in Toronto at Nathan Philips Square.

Both online and on the streets, we’re seeing the cultivation of a totally rejuvenated nationalist movement here in Canada, bringing in fresh faces with new ideas and strategies to affectively combat the Left both intellectually and in the voting booth. This is no longer your grandfather’s movement comprised solely of white baby boomers and disenfranchised middle aged single men, this is something totally revamped and inclusive to people of all ethnicities and backgrounds — and our women and youth are playing more of an integral role now than ever!


IMG_8068More photo’s from the anti Trudeau rally in Toronto.

Patriots are aware of what we’re up against. We know the media and other left wing apparatuses are going to label us all racist for demanding our government reduce the amount of immigrants we take in. We know they’re going to label us Islamophobes for opposing M-103 and the preaching of Islam in our public schools. We know they’re going to accuse us of being sexist for being pro-life in any capacity, but guess what? WE DON’T CARE ANYMORE! There are too many of us now to scare us away into a corner again! There are too many immigrants and people of colour jumping on board with nationalism to accuse us of being white supremacists! Our movement is growing and we won’t be stoped. To use the lefts slogan — people are being WOKE, and the Right is ready to fight!


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3 thoughts on “Against The Odds, The Right Continues To Fight In Canada!

  1. Awesome work, Sir ! You are a true Canadian patriot. The alt-left have become so shrill and irrelevant with their screeching and wailing…. The pendulum is swinging back !

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