Canadians Rally In Toronto To Tell Trudeau He’s Gotta Go! (Video)

“Trudeau – must go! Commie scum – off our streets”. Those were the chants that summed up last Saturday’s rally at Nathen Phillips Square, where anti-Trudeau protestors squared of against Antifa and left-wing counter protestors.


The rally was titled “Let Trudeau Know He Has To Go”, and the event drew in approximately 300 protestors in total from both sides, receiving massive coverage from every major news outlet in the country – even garnering international attention from news companies like RT. The live video inuploadd on Facebook received tens of thousands of views as well!

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The event was organized by myself and fellow patriot and close friend, Erin Mckinley, and was widely advertised and shared on social media to help bring in Patriots from around the country. Several other individuals within the movement helped organize the event as well such as Steven Alexander, Robert Jones, Nick Gallant, and others. Members of the right-wing activist group the Northern Guard drove in all the way from New Brunswick and Quebec to provide additional support and security to the Toronto rally, to join with other right-wing groups in attendance such as The ProudBoys, Sons of Odin, and Canadian Combat Coalition and others.

Although over 100 people in total ended up making it out to let Trudeau he’s gotta’ go, the event began with a shaky start to say the least. Many of the groups showed up late, and I along with only a small number of brave patriots, was forced to enter the Square which was filled with over 100 Antifa awaiting our arrival!

Despite being heavily out numbered and receiving minimal help from police initially, the 10 or so people who entered the square with me had my back 100% and out of sheer will and determination managed to secure a small area in the square! Amongst pushing and shoving between the two sides, Antifa swarmed and pushed down a woman, causing members of the anti-Trudeau side to push back even harder and remove the commie scum from our spot. Against all odds we managed to hold down an area for our fellow patriots to flock towards, and the rally was on!Β In total, the police made four arrests; 3 Antifa and one member from the anti-Trudeau side.

Photo of the brave men and women who entered the square with me.

After a decent crowd of patriots gathered to join the rally, I turned on my amp and began welcoming people to the event. However, to my surprise the police would not allow me to use my microphone and amplifier because I did not acquire the necessary permit to use it. I honestly didn’t know I needed one. Note for next time… but for that moment I was forced to lead the rally without the aid of an amplifier or megaphone, so I decided to rely mostly on getting our crowd to out chant Antifa and the leftist protesters – and boy did it work!

IMG_8125.JPGNorthern Guard – Photo by Antifa

The ProudBoys and many others provided massive amounts of energy for our side – chanting with heart and waving Canadian flags with pride! Everyone was truly pumped to let Trudeau Know He Has To Go, and they were equally thrilled to tell the Commie scum to that we would not be silenced today! The Left was beginning to look demoralized and patriots could sense it… Victory was upon us!


During the peak of the rally many debates ensued and insults were hurled both ways, but as time went on more and more Lefties seemed to disappear, yet our numbers continued to grow larger by the minute. Logic and pride were actually prevailing, and the tide was finally changing!

Once things began to settle down a bit after it became clear that our side was getting our message and passion across much more affectively than the Left was, I decided to throw on my Donald Trump mask for some entertainment – and perhaps trigger the Left a little in the process! And I must say it was pretty fuckin’ fun!



As the rally came to close, we decided it would be best to end the event with the singing of our national anthem. I was extremely happy to see everyone singing along loud and proud – not only because it’s a badass way to end a rally, but because I can’t sing to save my life! So thank you everyone who sang along with me to spare me the potential embarrassment! Much appreciated Β ;).


Overall the day was a huge success, and I am very thankful for everyone who came out to support the cause. I consider this a victory on all fronts – be it media coverage, energy level or raw numbers, this was a major win for the Right here in Canada, and I couldn’t be more proud to be Canadian than I am right now!

These rallies are an excellent way to bring people together and let the masses know how we feel about the political and social issues that affect us all. Never underestimate the importance of activism…


So thank you again to everyone who supported this rally and a special thanks to those who got me into the square at the beginning and to Northern Guard for making such a long journey to help their fellow patriots! I look forward to more rallies in the future and I can’t wait to see you all again soon!

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20 thoughts on “Canadians Rally In Toronto To Tell Trudeau He’s Gotta Go! (Video)

      1. Trudeau Must Go….. I stand behind you 100%. Wish you all the luck in the world. Keep up the good work and keep safe.

  1. Totallly admire you for your tenacity and enthusiasm. I am a senior and if I was anywhere near you I would have been out there on the front line. Please keep it up, we have to save Canada from this traitorous snake Trudeau. Xxxxxx

  2. I am SO glad this rally was a great success! Keep up the energy!! If I lived in the Toronto area, I would have been there! But Alberta is a bit far away!

  3. Great job folks, being in western Canada and being on the financial bootend of trudope policies make it impossible to attend. I was there in spirit. Best of luck and thanks for what you do!

  4. i support you all the way, but you gotta stop saying commie scum, you do know China is a communist country, and you know what they do to muslim terrorists, they torture them for more info, then execute them. even commies have common sense, it’s just the liberals that want to destroy our lands.

  5. Speaking as a fellow Cameron I’m proud of you Ronny. Personally, I believe that there’s only a very small chance of saving Canada from snakes like Justin. When the electorate is stupid enough to elect with a majority yet, a moron who has never had a single full time job in his pathetic life, to be the leader of a G 7 country, based simply on the fact that he’s cute, has nice hair and is the fruit of the loins of a bi-polar hippy slut and his popular PM father Pierre. History repeats itself because Pierre was just as bad if not worse. If anyone did their research on Pierre but they didn’t, because they were too busy following the latest hockey scores, they’d know that Pierre was first a fascist, then a psychopathic mass murderer Stalin supporting communist even referring to himself as “comrade”, then a huge admirer of Mao, history’s biggest mass murderer, even writing a book on what a great humanitarian he was and then becoming best buds with mass murderer Fidel Castro. No surprise that Justin would consequently be genuflecting to Fidel while the world laughed at him. In the meantime, Canada’s (Pierre’s) for decades now totally out of control immigration policy has facilitated a third world invasion of liberal voters who want free stuff and to sponsor their pagan, unskilled, illiterate non English speaking alleged relatives who will be on welfare and ultimately pensioned for their entire lives at the taxpayer’s expense. Obviously there are exceptions to this rule. So far only 5% of the recent muslim alleged refugees are working and half of those jobs are part time. Like in the U.S. with the same problems in great part thanks to Teddy Kennedy (you remember him, the drunken philanderer who allowed Mary Joe Kopeckny to drown in a swamp to save his political hide) generations old Canadians and Americans who created our civilization are now demonized as homophobes, women haters, islamophobes (and everything else under the sunophobes) humanist hating Christians and Jews and all in the name of the cult of multiculturalism. We’re even demonized for not believing there are now close to 70 different genders and can’t see the joys and wonders of allowing islam to be taught and encouraged in our schools while ensuring the expulsion of Christianity and Judaism. I could go on but just thinking about this treason makes me foam at the mouth in rage.

  6. Great work we need to stand strong against Trudeau and his corrupt Liberals. We need to get the word out to everyone. let me know when the next one is will be there for sure.

  7. Well written. This story gave me that warm feeling inside that one can only get by having a measure of hope in the future restored. Reading about fellow patriots coming together to try and save our country brought a tear to my eye!
    But, the one thought that kept going through my head was, “Are there really still that many Trudeau supporters, despite his atrocious record!?!?” All one has to do is watch a couple of question periods to…uh..ah…uh..hear him…uh…ah…speak!
    To hear him give the same evasive, canned responses to multiple questions!
    To look at the jobs he has killed instead of created…etc!!
    Are liberals REALLY this stupid!?!?
    I wish I could have been there with my fellow patriots, but I live on the north coast of BC and thanks to Trudeau killing the pipeline that was supposed to come through to the deep-water port here, I have had trouble getting any steady work as a welder. As anything actually!
    I have been living well below the poverty line for over TWO YEARS now!! So, taking a trip to Ontario is impossible. But, I am grateful to those of you who were there!

  8. Awesome work !! You are a true Canadian patriot ! I live in Alberta, so I was not able to attend…. The alt-left media here in Edmonton covered the event and characterized it as a “Far Right Protest march” with elements of white supremacy and racists and bigots…. sigh. I guess we all expect that from the lame-stream media, eh ? Congratulations on a job well done ! Andrew Klinzmann

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