No Excuse For Justin Trudeau’s Massive Deficit.

Justin Trudeau was elected Prime Minister of Canada on a campaign that swore to run annual shortfalls of a maximum of $10 billion over the first three years in office and to eliminate the deficit by 2019-20. Clearly all that was a lie…

This fiscal year alone, the Liberal government is predicting a deficit of $28.5 billion, which is quite a leap from the $10 billion maximum he promised to Canadians back in 2015, now isn’t it?

IMG_7871Justin Trudeau looking confused as usual.

When asked to explain why he was not able to keep his word regarding the deficit back in June of this year, Prime Minister Trudeau responded to a news conference saying:

“We just went from a floor where the budget was balanced, because supposedly the Conservatives had balanced the budget, to what was the reality of our budget of being at about $18 billion in deficit at the end of that first year. So, we’ve been consistent with our plan and our approach.”

That is complete and utter bs…

What Justin fails to realize, or at least acknowledge, is that in the fiscal year of 2015-16, which was under the Conservative government and partly under the Liberals, Ottawa posted a deficit of only $1 billion! The Harper government had actually anticipated a surplus of $1.4 billion for that year, however there was a slight deficit, but nowhere near what the liberals are claiming. So how exactly was the conservative government responsible for handing over a deficit baseline of $10 billion? Where is Trudeau getting this number from?

Good Ol’ Liberals…

The Liberals have been heavily criticized for abandoning promises from their election campaign, and rather than re-evaluating the situation all together and admit they had given false and contrived projections, Trudeau decided to make excuses and perform diversion tactics to avoid admitting failure in keeping his word.

“We made the decision … in the last election that instead of focusing on balancing the books arbitrarily, and at all costs, we would focus on the investments needed to grow the economy,” Trudeau explained, referring to the Liberal plan to run high deficits so they can invest billions in areas like infrastructure and other “clean energy.”
“We’re always going to be fiscally responsible in the decisions we make”, he adds.


My Thoughts

Does this man, in which we’re forced to call our Prime Minister, truly believe informed Canadians are buying any of the crap he continuously try’s to sell to us???  Does he honestly imagine his governments reckless spending and running up massive deficits will just go overlooked by Canadian voters? I wouldn’t be surprised to tell you the truth. Nonetheless, if he does, he will be in for a rude awakening. Because every Canadian with a job who has real bills and real responsibilities understands that despite Trudeau’s claims to the contrary, budgets do NOT balance themselves!

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5 thoughts on “No Excuse For Justin Trudeau’s Massive Deficit.

  1. I was pleased to hear him talk about investment in infrastructure, but how does he build that large a deficit with no investment whatsoever in infrastructure? I think our failed drama teacher spent too much time at Katimavik singing Coombyah!!

    1. Trudeau means China will invest. Etc…..etc……… we get poorer China will buy our resourse companies. And loan us money…….etc….etc…..Proving that we are not the bad Americans who Trudeau hates.

  2. Much of the money spent is on the illegal refugees, and other countries,Clinton Foundation, and I could go on for ever. Not on Canadians.

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