Rally In Toronto To Oppose Justin Trudeau

On October 21st, a rally is being held in Toronto at Nathan Phillips Square at 2:00pm to display to the city and to the Nation, the people’s disapproval with Justin Trudeau and his Liberal Government!

Why Tell Trudeau To Go?

Our economy is stagnant, our taxes are through the roof, our borders are being treated like door mats, free speech infringing motions like M-103 and bill C-16 have been passed, and worst of all we have a Prime Minister who displays nothing but contempt for our history and culture. From reckless spending, to embarrassingly awkward speeches, to irresponsible border security to the paying of a convicted terrorist in Omar Khadr to the tune of 10.5 million dollars, Justin Trudeau has given millions of Canadians a reason to disapprove of his leadership as Prime Minister.

Now Is The Time To Act!

Many Canadians believe now is the time to stand up and let Trudeau know we’re not going to tolerate his incompetence any further, and opposition to Justin Trudeau here in Toronto has never been more apparent than it is now.

So if you live in the southern Ontario area, or if you happen to be visiting, organizers are encouraging you to take advantage of this is excellent opportunity to come together and unite with hundreds of Canadians to oppose Justin Trudeau’s and his Liberal Government.

IMG_7794.JPGRally to be held at Nathen Phillips Square, City Hall in Toronto.

The Focus…

The “Let Trudeau Know He Has To Go” rally is to be exclusively about Justin Trudeau and all of the irresponsible decisions he has made as Prime Minister, and everyone is welcome to come join us. If you are non-partisan or even a Liberal who dislikes what you’re seeing in respect to our federal government, come on out and join us!

This rally is not to promote any specific agenda or cause other than simply showing Canada how we feel about Trudeau’s mismanagement of our beautiful country. This rally can absolutely be an opportunity for those both on the right AND on the Left to conjoin for one one event to let Trudeau know he has to go!

Official Event Page

Join the event page on Facebook with over 130 interested already by clicking the link below!

Facebook Event Page

Stay Tuned and Spread The Word!

There will be more to come in the way of details and promotions as we approach the October 21st, but for now let’s spread the word and make sure we get ready to rally!

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