Trudeau’s Mishandling of Migrant Crisis to Cost Canada $500 Million.

The number of people seeking asylum in Canada is currently at the highest levels they have been at since 2009 – due mostly to a jolt in asylum seekers arriving at the Canada-U.S. border.
As of August, 27,440 claims for asylum had been filed this year.
And as you can imagine those numbers are expected to continue to rise.

Canadian Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen has stated that Canada could see 40,000 claimants by the end of the year. Yes that’s right – FORTY THOUSAND! And the federal and provincial governments are looking at a bill of at least $353.9 million to $548.8 million to process claims and provide the required services. The cost per claim ranges from $12,900 to $20,000.

IMG_7626National President of the Canadian Somali Congress and Canada’s Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship.

The real numbers.

However, these numbers don’t at all take into account the cost of deporting migrants who “don’t make the cut”, nor do they reflect the measures to manage the sudden surge in border crossings. Statistics show that the RCMP intercepted 5,530 people crossing illegally into Quebec in August, that was up from 2,996 in July. As of August, 13,211 people had been intercepted in total, with numbers being highest in Quebec. British Columbia also incurred a spike last month. So in reality, the total cost to Canada could end up being a lot closer to a billion dollars than even the highest projections would indicate.

Poor use of Tax Payers Dollars.

Take a moment and just try to imagine all the things we could do with $500,000,000…. Think of all of the Canadians who could potentially benefit if the government allocated that money to a service that would improve their quality of life…. Picture putting that money into programs that could provide financial assistance or better medical care for our veterans and seniors… wouldn’t pretty much ANYTHING a better use of our resources than giving it to non-Canadians?

The bottom line.

The influx of migrants flooding our border is going to cost Canada A LOT of money, and we just simply aren’t in a fiscal position to be taking on such a financial burden all in name of promoting the liberal brand of “acceptance”, “diversity” and “Multiculturalism”. So how is the Liberal Government going to come up with the $500 million to cover all the expenderatures? Fittingly enough, Trudeau recently decided to raise taxes on the middle class on small businesses, placing further financial pressure on Canadians and limiting future economic growth for businesses and opportunity for entrepreneurial development. It is quite evident that our Prime Minister is utterly incapable of putting Canadians first.

See you in 2019!

Justin Trudeau and Ahmed Hussen need to wake up and understand that Canadians won’t be willing to passively stand by and watch this kind of reckless governing for much longer. Even liberals are becoming fed up with Trudeau and his sloppy approach to protecting our borders and understanding the negative impacts this will have on our already volatile economy. Come election day in 2019, Canadian voters will have the opportunity to let Justin Trudeau and his Liberal government know exactly how they feel about his mishandling of this growing crisis!

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  1. I met you at an M103 protest at Nathan Philips Square. I was impressed then with your intelligent eloquence and I’m impressed now. Good to have a local, conservative voice fighting the good fight.

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