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Antifa Vandalizes Home of Single Mother in Hamilton!

On September 16th, Hamilton resident Charlene O’Farrell woke up to discover that her house had been vandalized by Antifa thugs. The Canadian flags she hung up outside on her veranda were spray painted over, and the words “white supremacist lives here” were spray painted on the sidewalk at the bottom of her front door steps pointing towards the front door of her home.

Pictures of vandalized property committed by what is thought to be Antifa thugs. 





A True Patriot Wrongfully Targeted.

Charlene has been a dedicated activist in Canada for years, promoting conservative values and spreading awareness on issues like Justin Trudeau’s reckless spending, or the dangerous implications of speech suppressing motions like M-103 which literally seeks to quell any form of criticism directed towards Islam. Charlene has helped organized rallies and has attended many events over the years, but despite her peaceful practice and respectful demeanour, Antifa decided to cowardly target this innocent single mother of two by vandalizing her home and falsely labelling her a “racist and white supremacists.” However, what antifa fails to realize or perhaps refuses to admit, is that not only is her roommate half-black, but she herself is half-Native! “I’m half-native, but they (Antifa) don’t want to hear that”, she explained to me. “So how could I possibly be a white supremacist?”

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“I Will Hunt You Down!”

When it comes to Charlene’s family, this single parent does not play games. “I have a young boy. You don’t come to my house and put my CHILD in danger! If anyone ever touched MY boy I would hunt them down, and I really don’t care what happens to me.” ...serious words from a serious patriot!


Featuring phone interview with Charlene O’Ferrall and Ronny Cameron. 

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5 thoughts on “Antifa Vandalizes Home of Single Mother in Hamilton!

  1. She needs to put video cameras up and obtain other security measures if people think they can just walk on her property and destroy it. Jailtime for them.

  2. Pantyfa (antifa) is in for a SH*T KICKING if they try that on my house. In fact, now I’m going to wear my ‘Trump2016’ baseball cap everywhere I go

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