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Hate Immigration, Don’t Hate Immigrants.

In this video I explain why Western governemnts should drastically reduce the amount of immigrants they intake, while also highlighting the importance of not blaming individual immigrants for our social and economic problems. Hate the game and the rule makers, don’t hate the player.

2 thoughts on “Hate Immigration, Don’t Hate Immigrants.

  1. What you say cannot be argued ..you are morally and socially right and abolutely logical ; however you will admit that by carrying out its reprehensible and simply wrong immigration policies , the government does add to the resulting and almost inevitable population divisiveness that ensues ..why is it that the ‘ people ‘ have to educate and enlighten the authorities that have been placed there to ” lead ???” the people ???

    1. Thank you, and that is a very interested thing to ponder. I’ve been wondering about that myself now for a little while…

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