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Video Highlights from Anti-Racism Protest in Toronto!

On August 14th 2017, I attended an anti-racism protest in Toronto where I encountered feminist, black lives matter protestors communists and more!

With virtually every media source present and police watching my every move to make sure I didn’t “instigate”, I respectfully challenged these¬†SJW’s to reveal to the camera just how insane some of their claims truly are!

Watch me challenge these leftists on their absurd views. You won’t believe some of the stuff that escapes these liberals mouthes!

One thought on “Video Highlights from Anti-Racism Protest in Toronto!

  1. It is hard to believe that people can be that misinformed, or stupid. It is impossible to have a real discussion with any of them, they parrot strange points of view, and seem very ill informed. Most are very young, very immature. The sad part is that many of them will retain there misinformation, but the good part , they will attract few followers.

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