Trudeau In Denial Over Migrant Crisis… Or Is He?

Over 10,000 migrants have now crossed the U.S-Canadian border into the province of Quebec, and many are now currently seeking refugee status in what can only be described as a “tent city” along the Quebec – U.S. border.


Canadian PM Justin Trudeau says the situation is “working”…
Transport minister Marc Garneau describes it as all “under control”. To me, this looks like a bloody disaster, and it doesn’t seem like anyone in the Liberal Government wants to acknowledge that thousands of Haitians have been entering the country without going through the proper channels. It’s truly an utter display of incompetence on behalf of Liberals. Canada defines refugees as “people who have fled their countries due to a well-founded fear of persecution. They are not able to return home. They have experienced or seen horrors.” Unfortunately for the Haitian migrants they do not fit the requirements in order to gain refugee Status and therefor are taking advantage of our system by trying to get taxpayer handouts, but luckily for them our Globalist leader doesn’t give a rats ass about the well being of our Nation.

The Trudeau government completely neglects the fact that these migrants do not fit the requirements to achieve refugee status — nor would they pass our point system that all immigrants must go through in order to be granted Canadian citizenship. Given the facts, we must conclude that the Trudeau government cares not about our border policies, and is essentially treating the border as an open doorway for migrants to flood in from our neighbors to south.

Is Trudeau dumb or evil? Or perhaps maybe both???

Let’s pause for a moment and consider this; Is it really that alarming to learn Justin Trudeau is allowing migrants pass through our borders unchecked? Is this not what he meant when he said Canada is a “post nationalist” country? Come to think of it, this is EXACTLY what we should expect of our so call leader, and this is precisely what he wants for Canada. We know he openly welcomes Muslims from dangerous regions of the world into our country without asking any questions whilst ignoring the dangers of Islamic terrorism… and we know he’s either foolish enough or insane enough to trust the Muslim Brotherhood. In reality, we have only Canadian voters to blame for electing such a traitorous imbecile as Prime Minister in the first place…

I know, we have to do something about what’s happening to our beloved Canada, but who can we depend on to have our best interest at heart? Who can we depend on to have our backs when it really matters?
The police?
The military?
Andrew “the feminist” Scheer and the “Conservatives”?

Can we bring back Harper maybe???


At this point, I’m really not too sure what we can do, however, I have faith that Canadians won’t respond well and will in turn cultivate an effective resistance. In fact, we have already began witnessing the planning of protests and rallies as well as social media blitzes happening across Canada and the internet. Nonetheless, only time can tell how many migrants will continue to enter through our borders illegally, and only God knows what will come of it all…

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7 thoughts on “Trudeau In Denial Over Migrant Crisis… Or Is He?

  1. Thinking perhaps patriots ought to protest is black masks and outfits with backpacks and weapons. What better way to through off the Soros funded globalists and confuse the situation perhaps to our benefit.? We need to change the narrative. So far what we are doing is not working.

  2. Dangerous policies that Trudeau is promoting. Even if all those illegal immigrants eventually leave, the drain on our financial resources (which is probably all borrowed money in taxpayers name) will be horrendous. The immigration process has a backlog of 11 years. In the meantime they will be receiving millions and millions of dollars and of course will cost other millions just to have our police catch all the criminals among them which is at least 50% of them.

  3. Protests ain’t gonna happen. We just witnessed in Grande Prairie, Alberta; where the city government refused to “allow” a protest against the sharia-compliant Motion M-103. We are no longer ALLOWED to protest ! Sharia law is now here, courtesy of Jihadi-Justin. The media will paint ANY citizen dissent as “racist” “islamophobic” and those that publicly oppose the liberals will be charged with islamophobia and “hate speech”….. The alt-left whack-jobs have taken over our nation…..

  4. Trudeau must be removed from office! Storm the gates of the Governor General to remove him. Trudeau is NOT FIT to be Prime Minister!

    1. has Trudeau not made enough blunders to date that are costly and dangerous ….from not adhering to his campaign promises to simply taking decisions that stem from a la la land mentality ??

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