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No Matter What We Do, They Will Call Us Racist.

Nazi scum – off our streets, Nazi scum – off our streets!” If you’re a right-wing activist whose attended a protest or two in the past, you’ve most likely familiarized yourself with these chants by now. And if
you’re new to the protest scene you better get used to it, because Antifa and the Leftist will not be giving up that one anytime soon.

It doesn’t matter if we disavow racism or distance ourselves from the alt-right, the Left will continuously label any social conservative or nationalist a racist and will refuse to listen to any arguments put forward by the Right. They’re relentless. It means nothing to them if you’re Jewish, if your girlfriend is Indian or if your best friends are black – the left will call you a racist just for being a right-wing activist, and that’s all there is to it. It’s perhaps the most frustrating thing to endure as a concerned citizen who both loves his country and respects other races.

The lefts devotion to shaming and degrading right-wing activism has exceeded the willingness of those on the Right to openly represent themselves in the political activist arena, thus individuals planted in the centre of the political spectrum will ultimately view social conservatives as being nothing more than a small number of racists who are fighting a losing battle against the dominant and progressive Left. The centrists and lefties will never be incentivized to join the Right in any foreseeable way.

Protests are not the only way to generate awareness and to create political change – not by a long shot, but rallies and protests are excellent opportunities to garner visibility and encourage other patriots to speak out and join the movement. Moreover, if those on the Right don’t start standing up and speaking out against globalization and Marxism in larger numbers, we are going to lose our land to the Communists and foreign interests that are taking over our nations. We have to communicate a strong and well supported message to our representatives that lets them know we will not vote for them unless they address our concerns and provide us with proper leadership. (I’m looking at you Andrew Scheer.)

In any case, the drive to organize and attend rallies has been slightly dampened due to past attempts yielding little results and gaining weak media attention, and in some cases actually backfiring against us. So perhaps a new strategy should be implemented? At this point I’m not 100% certain. I believe some time to ponder and reflect is in order, but I will not give up the fight and i refuse to ever throw in the towel.

So my fellow patriots, we must ask ourselves; why pander to the left and settle for liberal lite? Why submit to the labelling and virtue signalling and give up on socially conservatism positions like reducing immigration, securing the borders and rejecting free speech infringing legislation like m-103 and Bill C-16? Fiscal issues are not the only problems Canadians and other Western nations face, and we should not reduce ourselves to solely pushing fiscally oriented agenda’s out of fear of being called a “racist” for supporting socially conservative issues.

What I know is this: I am not afraid to declare to the world that I am a socially conservative Nationalist who does not want to see his country overrun by foreigners and Marxists. Go ahead, call me racist or fascist or whatever else you have to throw at me, because I know the majority of white Canadians and many other non-white Canadians feel the exact same way as I, the only question is; are we all willing to stand up and say it?




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