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Charlottesville: What The Media Won’t Talk About.

The tragic incident that left one woman dead and many others injured in Charlottesville has been dominating airwaves and social media platforms for the past two days, generating
growing concerns and increasing frustration at the rising tension between the Right and Left, and even more hatred towards the Alt-Right and other white supremacist groups.

According To Fake News…

Mainstream media outlets have launched a barrage of attacks against nationalism and “far right” movements in what seems to be an effort to lump together all right-wing Nationalist into a single “basket of deplorable’s” to smother overall support for conservatism. The media machine revved up to
blame ALL the violence on the alt-right despite there being no basis in fact for that assertion: The assumption the media leaves audiences with is this: “patriotic white people are all racists and it’s Trumps fault!” This obvious distortion of reality produces enormous challenges for TRUE patriots to have a social conservative voice in the mainstream due to fear of being labeled racist or being viewed as being “guilty by association”.

For years the media has been telling white people – particularly straight men – that we are all a bunch of privileged racists who don’t understand what it’s like to experience oppression in any form – all while being told that we can’t comment on any social issues ranging from race relations to LGBTQ rights. This silencing has cultivated a suppressed state of anger within white people, causing many whites to embrace any platform that would allow them to speak freely, even if that meant the alt-right.
In no way am I justifying joining the alt-right, I’m simply highlight the fact that many people have been drawn into it simply because there isn’t anywhere else for them to turn to for support.

However, what the media won’t tell you, is that Antifa and other radical left-wing groups have been responsible for more violence and destruction than any alt-right or neo-nazi organization in recent years. When Antifa arrives to a protest wearing outfits resembling that of a terrorist, where is the left to criticize their deliberate scare tactics? When Antifa attacks women and beats up the elderly, where is NBC and CNN to cover the story and demonized the radical left for being bullies? Nowhere. Nothing. Not a reporter in sight!

I’ve personally witnessed Antifa attack peaceful protestors who were not displaying any aggression or posing a threat at all. These masked hooligans will gang up on victims in unfair numbers, often using weapons to beat down their enemies. These individuals pride themselves in their refusal to debate, and their primary goal is to instil fear in their opposition by any means possible. Nevertheless, the media is reluctant to accurately depict Antifa for what it is and chooses to ignore the facts…

A Little Help From The Establishment…

Many institutions and powerful figures are supportive of Antifa’s efforts to attack the right. It’s interesting how Antifa miraculously comes up with funding for bus rides and plane tickets whenever they need to stand a protest. Clearly theres some high level financing involved. In regards to Charlottesville, reports indicate that the University of Virginia gave students the day off to demonstrate, and seems uninterested in punishing any students engaged in violence for the Left. Shops in the city center posted signs in support of the march. This signals toward wide pre-emotive collusion against the Right by the Left.

Where Do We Go From Here? 

Despite the mainstream medias agenda, we can’t let the Left hurdle us all together into a shared category with racists and bigots which would affectively relinquish what little control we have over the political narrative, but equally as important, we mustn’t recoil and suppress our political expression against issues like Islamic Extremism or cultural Marxism out of fear of being labeled a racist by the left either! There is a middle ground here everyone, and I believe we (my supporters) are standing on it. We represent the responsible yet passionate conservatives that fight for cultural nationalism and western values, not racial division or nazism like the leftist and alt-right. We must resists radicalism from both sides of the political spectrum if we are to be true to our cause.

Perhaps we are now all realizing that a true right-winger actually has a centred political view, and it’s only out of resistance to the aggressive push from the Left, that we are pulling so hard to the Right…

Wait… Am I missing something?

Although I’ll be the first to admit that what transpired in Virginia may very well be a George Soros concoction, I’ve elected to go with where the facts take me, and as of now there’s nothing I’ve inspected that credibly suggests this was anything more than a freak occurrence carried out by an angry and unlawful individual. I could be wrong, and I’m always willing to absorb new information and research conspiracy theories that could perhaps change my mind about what happened in Charlottesville, but for now this is where I’m at.

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