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“Unite The Right” Turns To Deadly Fight!

Yesterday, at the “Unite the Right” rally in Virginia, a vehicle with an Ohio license plate plowed into a large crowd near the Charlottesville downtown mall, killing 32-year-old Heather D. Heyer in the process. Another 34 others were injured in total – 19 in the crash alone according the University of Virginia Medical Center.

Canada’s very own Faith Goldy was on scene south of the border with her cameraman just meters away from the fatal crash to capture the event on film!


The suspect being held in police custody for the crash has been identified as James Alex Fields Jr., 20, of Maumee, Ohio. Police have stated only the crash is under investigation, and remain reluctant to comment on any further details.

The rally was promoted and titled as “Unite the Right”, and virtually everyone “in the know” was expecting it to be one of the largest assemblages of White Nationalists in recent times, attracting groups like the KKK, Neo-Nazis and iconic Alt-Right leaders like David Duke and Richard Spencer to attend the event.

Richard Spencer, Coined The Term “Alt-Right”.

ap_404991161882David Duke, former KKK Leader.

Hundreds of counter-protesters, SJW’s, Feminists, Black Lives Matter and Antifa, quickly gathered to confront the massive collection of the Alt-Right, chanting and yelling before a driver slammed into the crowd and incited mass chaos amidst the deadly impact.
Scattered brawls and group scuffles broke out as frightened panicked and angry protestors clashed on the streets and sidewalks.

President Trump condemned the bloody protests, but he played his cards methodically and intelligently by not overly chastising right-wingers and lumping them all into one category and writing them all off as racist maniacs .

Trump did criticize the rally however, blasts no its neo-Nazi slogans, and blaming “hatred, bigotry and violence” in prepared speech, but he added that “this happens on MANY sides”, sneakily referring to the violence and destruction carried out by Antifa and other groups akin to that kind of radical senseless behaviour at past events and rallies throughly North America and Europe. Excellent choice of words! In any case, can you really blame the Donald for not slamming the “extreme right” in a viscous manner, considering how  Leftist routinely a lot Antifa and BLM a free pass from media blcaklash???

IMG_6890President Trump Adresses The Nation about the Violence in Virginia.

August 12 was a dark day for political activism, and a truly sad and unfortunate tragedy for the woman whose life was lost and the family and friends who will miss her. I feel for all those who are affected by this horrendous act of senseless violence and I hope this doesn’t continue to become “part and parcel” in any way shape or form with protesting…

Oddly enough, August 12 is Gerorge Soros birthday Blood chaos and destruction? I think somebody got there birthday wish...

Political activism should not reduce to us all to engaging in physical war with one another, for activism is best utilized as a platform to encourage  opposing thoughts and ideas to be expressed in an aggressive yet NON-VIOLENT way, displaying passion and logic, not fists bottles (or in this case moving vehicles) as our preferred weapon of choice I would never consider one idiots actions to speak for an entire movement as a whole, but we mustn’t turn a blind eye to extremism on both sides of the political spectrum.

These tense and unusual political times we live in are pretty damn crazy to sort out when you get right down to it, and highly unpredictable to say the least. However, events and stories will continue to unravel and pop-up in the news all around us, and the only thing we strive for is to be honest with ourselves, educate our people, stay vigilant against the left, and tell ourselve: “I will not be a fucking idiot. I will not go out and hurt someone over our political discourse!” Lol. And stay true to it!
Proudboy rally on Toronto where Antifa was removed by non-violent means.

Let truth prevail through debate and reason, resist the temptations as much as possible to steep down to the lowest primal urges when participating in politic conflicts, and let this be a lesson for us all…


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  1. Hi Ronny. I find the shot of Heather sprawled on the hood of the car rammed by the supposed culprit very interesting. I am almost 100% sure that is her.

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