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8 Canadians You Need To Be Following!

Here’s a quick look at some of brightest and most influential Canadians who are doing wonderful things for conservatism! 

1. Jordan Peterson


Canadian Professor who rose to fame for rejecting the use of politically correct gender pronouns on university campus, and actively opposed free speech suppressing Bill C-16. Very influential among young people, and perhaps the wisest and most intelligent man I’ve ever heard speak.

Best qualities: incredibly brilliant, highly educated, honest, unapologetic, mastery use the English language, great debater and very engaging.
Known for: Getting young adults to “sort themselves out” while refusing to submit to PC culture and social Marxism.

2. Stefan Molyneux


English-Canadian Philosopher and RedPill dispensary whose become increasingly more political and far right over the last year, giving many intellectuals the tools needed to properly navigate through politics to understand the issues from an enriched philosophical perspective.

Best qualities:  A true intellectual who sincerely cares about mentoring his supporters and followers. Can talk in an entertaining and informative manner for hours on end!
Known for: Being a slave to logic and liberty while declaring “that’s not an argument!” whenever he gets the chance.

3. Lauren Southern:


A Young Independent Canadian girl who rose to fame with Rebel Media for triggering SJW’s and confronting extremely controversial subject matter.

Best Qualities: authentic, cute and beautiful, committed to grass/roots reporting, down to earth, cool as fuck and very ballsy!
Known For: Legally changing her gender on her driver licence to troll the left, and getting urine poured on her by Antifa SJW’s. God I love this girl! 

4. Ezra Levant


Founder and Owner of Rebel Media. Controversial and very influential, he has single handily revolutionized the alternative news landscape in Canada.

Best Qualities: Very well spoken string work ethic and highly professional, Ezra Lavent delivers an articulate presentation that adds a credible and professional image to alternative news.
Known For: His buttery soft voice,  and relentless work ethic to raise awareness to combat Islam and the Liberal Government.

5. Gavin Mcinnes


A Canadian living in America whose an affiliate to Rebel Media. He was the Co-Founder of Vice and has. Leader of the frat/gentlemens/activist club the ProudBoys.

Best Qualities: hilarious, raw and unrehearsed, controversial, highly entertaining and very edgy. Almost as cool as his younger, cooler, and more atttactive brother Kyle. 😉
Known For: Being an unforgiving Western Chauvinist whose become somewhat of a hero for alpha-men in a post modernist-feminist era, and refuses to apologize for helping creating the modern world!


6. Steven Crowder


Comedian and Social Commentator, Crowder was Born in Quebec but now lives in The States where he does his daily podcast “Louder with Crowder.”

Best Qualities: hilarious, highly entertaining, alpha-male, authentic, edgy, young and attractive.
Known For: Trolling the left, comedic skits on his podcasts, and having an affinity for mugs!

7. Faith Goldy


A Young woman from Canada who loves God, guns, and small government! Also heavily opposes Islam. Currently working for Rebel Media.
Best Qualities: great articulation, well poised, beautiful, very friendly yet projects a strong presence.
Known For: Investigating and reporting on the dangers of Islamic influence in the West.

8. Squatting Slav TV


A young immigrant living in B.C. who loves to troll SJW’s on the street with his unique style of comedic polical commentary presented in a  thick Slavic accent! This guy has been tacking up the views on YouTube!

Best Qualities: funny, gets out there on the streets, focused on directly ridiculing the Left in a clever and entertaining ways. Jacked as shit!
Known For: Looking good while trolling leftists and Squatting for pictures!



Thank you all for checking out this small list of influential Canadians, and I hope you all start following these beautiful patriots right away if you already haven’t!  ;).

We need our right-winged media to investigate the truth and present the issues in a clear and factual way to combat the deliberate misinformation and fake news that we see continuously spewing out of the mainstream media.

*Visit back on Sunday to see my list of “Top 8 Amateur Canadians you should all be following” ;).

So thank you all very much again for reading, and until the next time guys, have a good one! 


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